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MMV 10193... and it's gone!

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I'm not sure if this was talked about over here, but the MMV is gone from LEGO Shop at Home across Europe and is Sold Out + Retiring Soon on LEGO Shop at Home US. Also it's not available directly from Amazon, only from 3rd party sellers.

So if you don't have one and want to put this as a long, LONG, LONG investment, grab one soon.

Also, most of the Holiday sets (bakery, post office, cottage) are shown as sold out on US LEGO Shop at Home. Bakery and post office are not on Europe's LEGO Shop at Home, cottage is available.

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Yeah it looks to be going for around $120-130 on U.S. eBay right now, so some increase in value from retail. Then again if you paid retail for it, selling it in the $120-130 range is barely going to cover eBay/PayPal fees, it might not even fully cover those fees to be honest. I would like to see this set climb to the $150 range by summer, but I know that probably won't happen since the market is probably over saturated with this sets since it has been readily available for the past 4 or 5 years. This is the same issue we could face when/if the FB and DS retire. I hope I'm wrong and MMV climbs in value quick, but even though this is a top 20 Lego set IMO, I unfortunately feel there's more supply then demand at the moment. Time will tell........

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I would be patient with this one. And if you don't have it already, act quick, because unlike cards and other collectibles, my belief with lego is that when a set is opened, it's a set off of the market for good. I read that brickpicker has something like 5100 FB's in collectors hands right now. If it retires then I think you could see a small uptick for the first few years, then as the inventory diminishes, you might see a green grocer type performance. I am skeptical of CC type performance, but who knows? Maybe we will see a mass amount of AFOL join in the next few years? One can only hope. I personally don't see much risk in lego investing, if I have a flop, I open it, and add it to my collection of pieces (I only buy sets I want, so I have likely already built it). I have plans of building a massive Hogwarts type castle someday. And Lego investing is a way I hope to make it happen. Glad to be a new member of the BrickPicker community! Build on everyone!

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