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September Toys R' Us Disney Princess Build Event(s)

Ed Mack

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After a very cool August LEGO build at Toys R' Us (See below picture of my son Max and his creation), they are following up with another quality and FREE LEGO build(s), this time on two dates...

  • September 17th between 12-2 PM...Disney Princess Cogsworth character
  • September 24th between 12-2PM...Disney Princess Lumiere character

Now I know they are "Disney Princess" characters and some little boys might not want to build them, but I think they are pretty cool and it might be worth a try getting your little tough guy to the local Toys R' Us for a free LEGO set.  

***Thanks to Elkkthunder for the original heads up...


lego_disney_princess_01.jpgDisplaying IMG_2749.JPG

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We live in Oviedo and the the closest TRU is in Waterford Lakes. For those those of you that know, it is always busy and the Lego events are always have long lines. This one, however, being a "girls" Lego event was pretty quick and they had the sets already bagged up. In and out in 10 minutes. Pretty amazing for that part of town. We got 4 of them. It is a nice little build but I got the face sticker a little crooked on 2. The other 2 will stay in he bag for now.

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17 hours ago, exciter1 said:

Well, I might be out of luck. Still at the soccer fields.

same here.  soccer yesterday.

i ended up visiting ebay yesterday to pick-up 2 sets for avg $12 each shipped. 1 for each of my kids. hope the sticker doesn't get  ruined during shipping.

prices seemed to range between $9 and $20ish with shipping when i checked.

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