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Good shipping method to use on Bricklink (or anything other than eBay)???

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When you sell an item on eBay, it is great how you can print a label right from your "My eBay" page. You get it at a pretty good discounted rate, plus free delivery confirmation which is worth about 80 more cents. This is accomplished through the Pitney Bowes service. Does anybody know of a way to get similar deals like this without going through eBay? I prefer to keep using USPS because they have always been good to me, and I would like to do my part to help keep them in business. Thanks!

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USPS web site lets you print labels, but I do not know if they offer delivery comfirmation for no charge I just mailed a minifigure in a small padded envelope, and the cost was $1.95 at the Post Office!! I sold it on Ebay, and Ebay gave me the ability to pay I recall $1.64 for postage. I still thought that was high and felt better taking it to the Post Office as they would see the envelope. I learned from this that never will I sell minifigures again as I made so little profit. The envelope was padded and thick but gee not that thick plus weight was less than an ounce.

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if you accept your BL payments through PayPal it's pretty much the same setup as ebay shipping

As far as I could tell, there was no option to print a label for First Class Mail, only Priority and Express. Seems stupid to me. If you can print a First Class USPS label from a third party (Pitney Bowes,) why can't you do it directly from USPS? They probably do that so you have to come into the office and pay full price. But this is exactly what I am trying to avoid.

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