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More expensive sets in EU than US

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I just did a comparison on 75005 at EU and US LEGO Shop at Home, and the MSRP in the EU is 17 units higher. I mean units because Lego does not do a currency conversion rather than a 1:1 relation between USD and EUR. This kills me. The Rancor Pit set is one I've looking for ever since it was released, not just as an investment but as a set that I'd like to tear open and build. But man, MSRP of

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I feel your pain. In my currency ($NZ) at current conversion rates the price equates to $99.60 US !! Not to mention Lego shop's very expensive shipping options. I have got around this by purchasing in $US and using a service that gives you a US address and then ships the goods to you (good for US stores that don't ship internationally as well. I use shipito.com. I hardly ever buy from Lego shop because of this. I always find better deals at TRU / Amazon / B&N / Ebay / Bricklink.

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Does that work well? im thinking of doing the same thing......and im just in Germany.

But i was salavating over the new batman sets and in US they are sooo cheap........do you still have to pay tax?


Everytime I've imported something to my country, I still had to pay taxes. Whatever you import will go through customs and the seller has to declare its actual value. So unless you import taxes are around 8% like where I live, it often doesn't make it worth it to import. Thank you protectionism :)

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