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21127 - The Fortress

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4 hours ago, Phil B said:

Here's a video from the NY Toy Fair regarding this set:

"One of the top five performing lines for the company last year." Well sounds like it isn't going anywhere for a long while. Thank you for finding that video as news for this set in particular has been null. It may not reveal much new but at least here we have the general release of September now. Anyway, I still think it is cool to see Steve donning a full attire of gold armor even if gold is questionably the most useless metal in the game aside from its usage in making a clock (which is mainly decorative), a golden apple or carrot, and powered rails.

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Honestly this set should have been our $250-300 set. I mean the first thing most people do in Minecraft is of course build a small "acceptable" house to set up camp in, but once you start mining you have a ton of Cobbletsone. And what do you do with that Cobblestone? well you build a castle! I did it, my brothers did it, everyone i knew did it. Castles and Minecraft go hand in hand.

A $250 castle set of some kind would have been way cooler than the Village. The Village is not something you create as a player, and in game it's really just something you sort of pass through and maybe pillage for it's resources and whatnot. And sure it's pretty cool in game when you come across them, but it's not something you take pride in like creating your own awesome castle to keep the baddies out. Hell i remember making a "draw bridge" of sorts that i could push a button and have all the creepers fall down into lava haha. So i could certainly see kids getting way more fun out of some kind of massive modular Minecraft castle. It wouldn't need to be %100 castle, it could have farm plots and other things in the courtyard or outside the walls.

I sort of like this set, but i think it could have been larger. And if it were it would probably be a bigger success then the Village will likely be.

Some official images have been posted for any interested BTW:


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I do find this set interesting as it could be considered the largest "player inspired" construct of the line plus the high amount of pieces give way to much inspiration towards other things. Still I can't help but feel bad for the awkward situation Steve got himself into; up against three sinisterly skillful skeletons while he is equipped completely in gold. Better than being "naked" but after a couple of strikes, he's gonna be. Haha. The horse in gold armor is cool though.

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This set is already on 20% sale at SAH USA, which is surprising as it only release end of september. Minecraft stuff is a ok seller in uk, i wouldnt of thought it was one of the highest selling theme in uk, probably somewhere in the middle. Not sure what lego long term plan is for the whole minecraft theme or how long is left in the license, most fans would love some lego minecraft chickens or enhancement table. 

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