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Please do not post any kind of unethical practices here. Thank you.

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Hey everyone just wanted to remind all the members that what you do is your own business but please refrain from posting "tips" that could be percieved as unethical. You are not doing anyone here a favor by posting these tips. This site was built with Ed and Jeff's hard work and it is inappropriate to post stuff like that. We are all here to learn and have fun. Posts that contain this type of material will be deleted immediately.

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No veegs it wasn't you. It was only up for a few minutes so hardly anyone saw it. The author of the post meant no harm by it, it just didnt belong on this site. When I do delete a post I always message the author and explain why.

I didn't get a message, so I don't think it was me, but are you talking about the Lego trading post? I'm never unethical on here.... a little sarcastic at times.... but never unethical.
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If I created a post titled "How to hide your Lego purchases from your wife and kids", would that be considered unethical? :-)

I tried to do that for awhile, then the USA TODAY article and video came out and the cat was out of the bag...bigtime!
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