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Revision of DK’s Popular "Lego Star Wars : The Visual Dictionary" Planned?

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Dorling Kindersley's first Lego Star Wars dictionary of sets was published in 2009.  The 2nd edition with recent sets hit the book stores in 2014.  It now appears a 3rd edition is planned for this year if the Brickset latest "new" inventory is correct with this new ISBN value (see picture below).  

These DK books are a wonderful visual guide to practically every Lego Star Wars and exclusive set with concise information and photographs.  As a special incentive, 1 exclusive minifigure have been included with each edition to-date (both had a Luke Skywalker "A New Hope" variation). 

image.jpeg.797b795aa4eb7b7977e724cf3d653 image.jpeg.931573553ea00d84a813f221ce918


The 3rd edition should highlight the latest Ulimate Collector Series (e.g. Slave 1, Tie-Fighter), initial The Force Awakens and various other sets and items.  I do hope this new edition gives "justice" to more sets than the 2nd edition.  That had articles and facts that seemed "rushed" when compared to the 2009 1st edition.




While the minifigure included within each edition have not appreciated much in value, the real investment is the book itself.  They have been great reference books to read alone or better yet, together with a young Lego builder or another someone special.  

Source : http://brickset.com/sets/theme-Books/subtheme-Dorling-Kindersley


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