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Lego January and February 2016 U.S. Event Calendars

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Looks like Lego has some interesting events and introductions planned for the first two months of 2016.

Some highlights...

  • The "massive" (using my Liam Neeson voice) 75827 Ghostbusters HQ is now on-sale along with the 10251 Brick Bank.
  • Series 15 LEGO Collectible Minifigures are on-sale starting Feb. 1st.
  • Various polybag and promo items based on money spent.  Themes include Nexo Knights, Elves, Disney Princess and Friends.
  • Events for children include monthly builds, club meetings and a neat minifigure swap with employees. One build event includes a Star Wars Snowspeeder.
  • Double VIP points for the 21006 Architecture White House set during the weekend of Feb. 13th (U.S. Presidents’ Day weekend).
  • New themed sets such as Star Wars The Force Awakens and Super Hero are available.  However, there have been reports of some sets such as the 75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber not being available or in very limited soick in the U.S.
  • Last but not least is a new Exclusive set which lands Feb 17. Most Lego informative web-sites believe it will be another Star Wars UCS set (Assault on Hoth perhaps) or a revised Batcave?  I bet we'll get a sneak peak during the 2016 Nuremberg or NY Toy Fairs.

Please review both calendars for more information especially exact dates.






Feb. *


*note:  Feb calendar image from thebrickfan.com


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11 minutes ago, Mathew said:

Not sure where to post this, but when will U.S. stores start receiving all of the 2016 Star Wars sets?  I want to pick up the new droid escape pod and possibly a couple of others.  No sign of them yet.

 i update the blog with your question.  Thanks.

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