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Juniors 2016

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Saw the ariel and cinderella in store. Will limit growth of old sets. They basically re-released two sets. Toy shop? We should be getting concerned that more sets can be headed the re-release as a JR set

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6 minutes ago, Deanfjr said:

are there release dates on these? specifically the Ninjago ones

Most of these sets on display had a card stating March.

40 minutes ago, stackables said:

Is that the same lex in the luthor polybag?

The print on the minifigure might be but the armor worn is a brighter tone compared to the original polybag exclusive.

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HEY! what did they do to the Batcave? They parted it out!

is the old JR. Batcave now considered a UCS now? it should considering AOH is :beerhat: 

Blue on the Batmobile...that's a no-no

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