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Best place to buy a few pieces

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I found a zombie 9465 at a garage sale for $7, but it was missing the first bag.  I bought all the pieces from lego.com, but still need 4 pieces.  Where is the best/safest place to buy these remaining pieces?


Bricklink and/or BrickOwl will likely be your best bets for the missing pieces... and maybe even cheaper than lego.com next time. :)

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I concur: bricklink or brickowl.

On bricklink, the easiest thing to do is to add the pieces you are missing to a 'wanted list', and then "search by shop".  That should show if any single shop has all 4 pieces. 

Then, check the "min. buy" and shipping/handing charges to see if they are reasonable, and the feedback of course.

Bricklink is great, but the user interface is a bit archaic (although they are slowly rolling out improvements).  If you have questions navigating it, their forum is pretty good.  Or you can ask the many bricklink users here.


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