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Sheepo's Mustang FAST! version

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For those in the Technic community I know there has been some interest in trying
to speed up Sheepo's Mustang. It is a great model.... but a little faster
would be nice. I know there has been at least one member trying to add a pneumatic
engine to the beast..... something that I also would like to try.

Anyways, here is my version of Sheepo's Mustang..... with an RC Titan motor.
Plenty of details of the build, specs, etc. are on my MOCpages site:


Because it is all there I am not going to repeat it all here. But really fun
build. Read all about it and share if you'd like. Any comments are also
welcome..... although preferably those in the Technic community. Many don't
like the whole modification of LEGO thing.... but I do it quite often to enhance
the power and structure of some of the things I build. Complaints of modifying
LEGO are common.... but truly just fall on deaf ears. In the Technic community
it is not always viewed the same as in other genres.

Thanks for reading and have a great Tuesday!!



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