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Virtual Building (AutoCAD)

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Hi Brickpickers!

I just wanted to share an idea I was thinking of to see if anyone has done something similar before.

By trade I am a draughtsman / designer and use the standard drawing programme AutoCAD. To brush up on my 3d modelling / new inventor programme, I was thinking of recreating our little beloved bricks and assembling them on the computer.

Each individual part will need to be drawn out and then they can be pieced together individually. Due to the eductational nature of this, I thought throwing lego into the mix would make it much more interesting :)


Has anyone done this before?

What would be a good set to start with? Personally was thinking one of the star wars micro's as they would be a fun and fast starter!

Cheers guys!


P.s. hope this post is in the correct thread...apologies in advance if it needs to be moved.

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Are you wanting to AutoCAD for the virtual build? There are other CAD programs available that are Lego specific: Lego Digital Designer (LDD); LDraw and derivatives such as Mike's Lego CAD. The LDraw database in particular is a good resource for parts.

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