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Star Wars Display Stands?

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I really like the TIE + Slave 1 + X-wing here: http://community.brickpicker.com/topic/14102-how-to-build-your-sealed-set-while-retaining-the-most-value/#comment-458852 

But it gets me thinking.. I'd really like a display frame that showed them fighting eachother. Like have the TIE attacking X-wing and Slave 1 off to the side but all in different angles, as if in space. I imagine the weight would be a problem. Has anybody seen something like this?

I like seeing these shelf displays, but I think they would get kind of old sitting kind of bland like that and feel like an actual action scene would have way more pop. Maybe even throw a piece of cardboard with a space backdrop behind it.

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A really lovely idea.  Each UCS set has a unique mounting point/method for the stand.  It would be easy to use this in a custom configuration, unless you're putting kits into a very unusual orientation.  With a few spare black Technics parts, you could create a very dynamic display, including multiples of some kits like the X-wing and TIE.  

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I tend to put the boxes right behind the UCS set as it adds a bit to the presentation.

I also saw someone use a wall mount TV arm for their UCS falcon. It's spectacular, and could probably be adapted for most UCS sets.

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