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Scene Display Towers

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So as I recently got back into LEGO, I realized I don't like little sets. Reasons:

1) They're too small to display on their own, and look strange beside a large set unless you have an entire theme all together. And if you don't have a large focal point, it just looks like a bunch of random scenes mixed together. Especially when not on a LEGO baseplate (such as on a table, shelf, or the carpet). In order to get a nice looking scene you may need the entire theme, which may cost thousands of dollars (in the case of Harry Potter). Even if you have them all, some themes can still look kind of bare when laid out together (like The Hobbit).

2) They take up a lot of room. A couple small sets takes up the same space as a large modular or UCS set. Because they take up flat space not vertical space.

3) They end up in some container, box, bag, etc. because they get in the way. It's impractical to keep too many out (for most people).

It occurred to me that something like the Death Star 10188 is great because it's a play set where you can re-enact different scenes in different parts of the "ship" (it doesn't really look like the DS, it's more like a building with no walls that's been made spherical + a laser).

This is why my new goal is to create vertical "play set" style towers. Let's call them scene display towers. Each tower is basically like an open modular building (no walls). There's multiple floors where "scenes" can be put in and taken out. Each tower would have a theme: The Hobbit, Star Wars, Lego Movie, Batman, etc. Ideally with different color schemes (Hobbit being mostly green, Star Wars being mostly gray/black). Not only does this keep the sets out of the way, in their own place (rather than a box), but it should also look bloody cool and be a lot more fun to design and play with. Lastly, something really nice can go on the top like a ship.

My biggest problem now is of course designing it (and pieces). If anyone knows of something they can point me to that is like this, or can share some insight, I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

I've attached my super awesome proof of concept (don't judge me haha).


The Hobbit Tower

79001: Escape from Mirkwood Spiders

79004: Barrel Escape

79015: Witch-King Battle


Lego Movie Tower

70818-1: Double-Decker Couch

70801: Melting Room

70800: Getaway Glider


Star Wars Tower

75014: Battle of Hoth

.. You can pretty much put anything together


2015-05-08 13.57.16.jpg

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If anyone else is interested, I'll be sharing my progress via GitHub (these links will be working in within an hour), a place where people can work collaboratively on projects. Each update will have a screenshot of the latest progress. It's easy to join and work together if you want.


DOWNLOADS: https://github.com/BrickBrotherhood/LegoSceneTowers/releases 

It's my first LLD project, so please bear with me :)


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Here is a similar idea that has been done with displaying CMFs

​That's sweet thanks Migration appreciate it man!! I can totally see those fitting into the tower, maximizing use of space.

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Interesting! I`ve seen something like this done with Vignettes (stacked on top of 1 other). Did a quick a search, can`t find exactly what it is I`m referencing, but basically it`s taking multiples different scenes and placing them on top (or to the side) of each other. I confess though, have not seen this done spherically yet I don`t think. Very cool idea, yes please post some pics when in progress/finished, would love to see! 

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Thanks guys I appreciate the support! I'll keep working at it and see what I can find (and optimize on so more people can do this if they want).

Status Update:

Finished mocking out the first Star Wars Scene Tower. It's pretty bland basic just to going. You can find it at the Github link above. I'm going to make optimizations, reinforce the structure and add more different types of modular pieces (different piece combinations). 

I'm learning how to use LLD -> BrickStock -> BrickWizard to find the pieces I need to continue. I don't really have enough pieces laying around. I've only gotten this far..

Levels: 1/6

Platforms: 2/24

It seems like 6 levels high (roughly 10 bricks per level) will be about 4 feet. That's definitely the highest I want to go. Stability is a question. I have an idea that pillars could be attached to the rings if necessary (the rings are also not necessary unless it's very high or heavy). It's weighing in at about 900 pieces for the skeleton without sphere braces. 500 for the sphere braces. 50 per platform, so 1200 for 24 platforms. 25 per pillar, so 600 for 24 platforms. 3200 total with full structural support, or 2100 without additional support. Mostly very basic pieces.




2015-05-08 21.22.10.jpg

2015-05-08 21.21.51.jpg

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Threw up a video of version 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBZHiocMhCU 

Comments/ideas greatly appreciated. I may even throw up a bounty for improvements. I'm spending a lot of timeon this and I'd rather not keep re-doing it ;)  (I'm still catching up with build techniques)

Sorry I'm kind of slow to get to the point, skip through it, I don't excel at demonstrations.

2015-05-09 00.04.25.jpg

2015-05-09 00.22.01.jpg

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