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21120 - The Snow Hideout

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I might as well get this last one out of the way while here. Going for $34.99 is a set which will include a Creeper, a brick-built Snow Golem making a return of the prior pumpkin head in an earlier set, and (wait for it....) another Steve! I believe this is the first set to include the latest stud shooters in reddish brown if you have fun with those like me now that I had a chance to fire one. Ha. It appears to have a nice handful of 2x2 translucent blocks in green and blue (not sure which shade) plus plenty of white for some alpine. I think the crafting box pieces are included too but you can't see that really. For what you get simply going by price-per-piece, it is decently priced.

Between this, The Dungeon, The Desert Outpost, and The Nether Fortress, these all seem like models you would buy a few of each to create a much larger scale area. The sets from the first wave mainly mix with each other except The Ender Dragon but here we have totally separate locations (although The Dungeon could become part of The Mine).





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