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21122 - The Nether Fortress

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I was going to save this for another day but it got brought up in a different topic so here goes with the largest set for the second wave of Minecraft, The Nether Fortress. It will retail for $79.99 and include a Zombie Pigman, Steve donning his Platinum Armor again after The Ender Dragon debacle, somebody other than Steve thankfully with Alex, a Blaze, and a Ghast.

Now I'm not sure why on the display model there were so many 'blank' bricks with what I assume is some sort of part number LEGO uses internally or maybe a date like the Ghast seems to have across its 'face' with Dec. 68(?). Very strange but then again so is the whole theme. Haha. In any case what is on the box appears to be the true final design.






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