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Shipping to Brazil

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sorry if this falls under topic redundancy, but someone on Ebay just extended an offer to me from Brazil.  Now I know Italy is definitely a no no and you should never sell to someone from there, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me regarding Brazil and if its no problem?  Thanks!

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thank you!  im not really ebay savvy selling wise yet and have no idea how to check the cost to ship to brazil or how to go about doing it before sale is final.  If its not too much trouble could you help me out in that area?  thank you for your time.

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Depends on your risk tolerance.  I used to live in Brazil, and I would not want to ship a Lego there.  If the item is valued over $50, there is likely to be 100% duty imposed in customs.  Who's going to take care of that?  Now maybe using ebay's global shipping program takes care of that, but still. 


Also... just sending small gifts back to family and friends there... some items can be tied up in between customs and the post office for months (like 3 or 6 months).  I also recall recently seeing something on ebay about "making it safer to send your items to Brazil..."  ... well maybe they have, but that wording alone sends up a red flag for me.  I say, "Why?... Isn't there someone in the US that might want to buy your item?"

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he hasnt asked for free shipping yet, so I dont know about that... i was more of asking to be proactive i guess...  There might be someone else willing to buy the item, but I just listed it and he counter offered my BIN so I was just asking for some information.  Thanks to both of you for the input =D

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