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"board game box" - like box, low quantity

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I would like to prepare some sets for shipping, and it turns out that the USPS game board box would be quite good, but of course sending it via priority flat would also be too expensive.


So my question is now: where would you go for the following:

- box size: ideal: 22x12x3, also ok (more common): 24x12x4

- low quantity: I really only need 6, not the 25 that most online stores have as minimum quantity. I don't have the space to store 19 boxes I really don't need.


The local office stores I went to don't seem to have this size available.


Thanks in advance - and please no suggestions of covering up the USPS box and sending it regular priority. That is a no-go.

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Those 19 extra boxes laid flat will take up the room of about 1 Lego set.  I would just go ahead and get them all now and you'll thank yourself later when you have the boxes on hand. 


I have hundreds of boxes that I purchased from Staples some time ago and the don't take up much space when flat and in a pile.  However, I'm lucky that I have have a large attic space off of our master bedroom that I put them all in where climate doesn't matter. 


The post office and such are also a ripoff when it comes to buying supplies.  Might as well get them in bulk for a much cheaper price.

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