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[A-Tembo NL] 20% off SW + free polybag


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A-tembo has always been a good store.

This sale is pretty good (for exclusives mostly) but it's 20% off Lego's RRP while they are normally already 10% cheaper. So you get an extra 10%.

The latter statement is false. While it is true that A-Tembo is 10-15% cheaper through the year, they have now increased the price they give the 20% on.


For example the Super Star Destroyer: Normal price at A-Tembo was

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This is not a price war, this is a deal created at Lego. It is national.

Last year they had 25% on ALL Lego products, also a deal provided by Lego.


They give the "damage" back to the stores.


btw Neosphinx, i can't open your Brickshop topic. I've been trying for awhile now.

I know, something seriously wrong with the Brickshop post I made, but it's the same there. 20% off star wars, only you can get an extra 10

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