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70011 - Eagles' Castle

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I believe these Chima sets could be a good investment after 15 years because when those kids are grown up they will try to collect the toys they played with? Thoughts?

1. you will not have to wait for 15 but for 25 years (10 years old kids don't buy their toys when they are 25, but when they are 35 with house, wife and kids and want to begin a collection)

2. keep some boxes for such a long time ? really ?

3. not sure that the "toy nostalgia" will still be there in the future. Have you seen your parents search for the toys they owned ? Not sure that our kids will do the same ("meh, my dad did this, it's so old fashionned and narrow-minded, I don't want to do the same")

4. It's Lego Chima, not Dungeons and Dragons.


and so many other reasons...

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