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What do you think I should do..

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I sold a 4203. The buyer sent me a note asking about a "slice that runs halfway across the bottom flat side of the box". Having bought this a long time ago at WM on clearance and it being boxed since then I asked for a picture of the issue. He sent a picture showing this. In his own words he said " It's kinda hard to tell, but it doesn't look like it pierced through all the way to the inside of the box. Almost almost, but not quite. I think."

Seeing the picture it seems someone may have used a blade to open up the Lego case to stock it originally. It does not look pierced. Having it in hand he should know if it is or isn't pierced. Anyway in my listings I always state...

Packages have typical shelf wear which may include scratches, creases, dings, ect. and may have sticker/residue.

What would you guys do? Refund? Return? Thanks for any reply.

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Maybe knock a couple dollars off. Do you have a picture of the slice?

I would agree with this suggestion. A blade cut isn't a big deal for such a set especially if the bags are intact. A small partial refund should do the trick I would assume .
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I would explain to him that this is somewhat common for LEGO boxes since store employees open the cases with box cutters.  It should not be an indicator that the box has been tampered with or that anything is missing.  I would also point him back to your listing description which explains that the box may have some shelf wear.  If he's anal about the condition of his boxes you could offer him a small refund, but if it's going to be opened I don't see the point.  Sometimes educating your buyers is all you need to do.  Other times it's better to offer a small refund, if they agree to it, in order to keep them happy and avoid a return or negative feedback.

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because you did not mention it in your description it is you who is at fault, there fore a small amount of refund is at hand. maybe is is MISB collector who likes very nice boxes ...

because you boxed your sets beforehand and probably dont remember box condition detail, just add a note to your description on box wear that may have or may have not a slight box cutter slice.

if you do not want to add that then i suggest you open up the product from the shipping box to get an accurate box condition ...

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All is well. He got back to me saying never mind it was ok and the slice wasn't that bad. I sent a $5 refund anyway.

I was thinking that it seems just to be about the box condition (and the bottom of it) so it doesn't matter for such a set.

The guy was disappointed to receive a (little) damaged box and I would have done the same as you did. You refunded $5 and you were right IMHO.

One or two free polybags as a gift would have been ok too (I keep the chima polybags of this month for this kind of use, lol)

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