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What is your favorite Lego part?

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One of my personal favorite parts on the side of aesthetics would be the Lion Head cutout. The use is limited but gives just about any structure a nice sense of artistic design and works with current well as medieval designs.


I've already fallen in love with the piece introduced last year of the single stud circle tile. It has so many uses despite only having one point for connection. It is one of those things Lego has needed for a very long time.


On the side of plain ol' classic versatility in any situation, it would have to be the 1x4 brick. It's the perfect size for any size of wall or most any sort of build. Of course it isn't the best for every single scenario but it usually can get the job done basically.

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I've always liked the arch pieces - especially a fondness for the "tree branch" arch because they were used a lot in my old castle and forest men sets. I think since lego expanded the small slope varieties, the vehicles have become much better looking (see naf's post above).

I think the most versatile pieces allow SNOT techniques!

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