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  • OUTSIDE THE BOX LEGO REVIEW: Marvel Super Heroes Rhino and Sandman Supervillain Team-up #76037


    To differentiate this from the more serious reviews this (and any others like it) will have an "OUTSIDE THE BOX" title.

    It seems like not many people really like this set. Reviewers are down on it, prices are down, heck, I didn't even want it for myself. I found one at a price that was too good to pass up, so I thought, why not? Since it's a set that I wasn't super excited about to begin with,I thought that the Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up was perfect for an outside the box review.


    Set #: 76037
    Name: Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up
    Theme: Marvel Super Heroes
    Parts: 386
    Price: $39.99


    Some people may wind up picking up a set that is open box or, want to verify the box contents before beginning a build. For this set, there are 3 numbered baggies, a large Tile, a comic book, a sticker sheet and 2 instruction books.



    Rhino: All right Spider-Man, time to put your dukes up!

    Spidey: Uh, did you forget something? Where's your Rhino suit?


    Rhino: I forgot, I got a new one. I need to put it together.

    Spidey: Oh, ok. I can wait.


    Rhino: The instructions aren't really clear which of these goes on which side. Urgh.

    Spidey: What? Did you buy that thing at Ikea?


    Rhino: I've got it. This is going better than I expected.

    Spidey: Well, just wake me up when you're done.


    Rhino: Look, if you want this fight to start sooner, you could help you know.

    Spidey: Well, I guess so. After all, I do have a High School science award.


    Spidey: You know, all the money you spent on this thing could have been used to go straight.

    Rhino: Shut it web-head.


    Spidey: I'm just saying, I spend like $35,000 a year on webs and spandex because of you guys, and this elliptical machine must be at least 20X that.

    Rhino: I'm gonna enjoy squashing you like a bug. Get it? Bug! Ha ha.

    Spidey: Spiders aren't bugs Einstein. 


    Spidey: Hey Rhino, you're a sharp one, huh? Sharp as that horn.

    Rhino: Shut up!


    Spidey: What are those holes in the fingers for?

    Rhino: Just these little explosive projectiles.

    Spidey: Rhino's shoot missles?  


    Rhino: Ok, now I turn the key and press this button and Hang on a sec. Nope, I flip these switches and rotate that knob and . . .

    Spidey: Getting bored now.  LATERZ!


    Spidey: Man, that guy's dense. Hey, someone's making a sand castle.


    Spidey: What kind of castle are you making? Princess, Medieval, Nexo-Knights?

    Sandman: Go away bug.

    Spidey: Oh come on, spiders aren't bugs.


    Spidey: I was going to ask if you wanted me to bury you in the sand, but it looks like you're taking care of that.

    Sandman: Leave me alone.


    Spidey: I'm not really getting this abstract watcha-ma-call-it. Did Picasso make it?


    Spidey: You know,I hate sand. It's coarse and gets everywhere.


    Spidey: Hey Mr. Grabby-Hands,  I'm not that kind of date.

    Sandman: I told you to go away, now you're going to get it!


    Spidey: Hey stop with the shaking! All of my change is coming out of my pockets!


    Spidey: Hey look, there's Taylor Swift!

    Sandman: Where?

    Spidey: I'm outta here.


    Iron Spidey: Weird place for a sandbox. Something about it is making my Spidey sense tingle . . . 


    Spidey: Is it my day for meeting weirdos? Luckily I got away from that guy.

    Iron Spidey: Look, it's getting bigger all by itself. The sensors in my Starktech limbs will tell me more about it.

    DSC_0004 (1).JPG

    Spidey: What the, who are you?

    Iron Spidey: I'm Spider-Man.

    Spidey: Hello me, meet the real me.

    Sandman: Now there's 2 of him?


    Spidey: I spy with my spidey eye something with a hammer.

    Iron Spidey: Is it Hammertime? Get it? Can't touch this - oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh.

    Sandman: It's about to be.


    Spidey: Why do I feel like I forgot something?

    Rhino: Hello from the other side!

    Spidey: I should have known that Rhino was an Adelle fan.


    Iron Spidey: Hey, did you notice that not all of this stuff is sand? How's he do that?

    Spidey: Sand-and-other-stuff-man is just way too long to yell in a fight.

    Rhino: Hey, where'd he go?


    Rhino: Get down here so I can squash you bug!

    Spidey: I already told you, Spiders aren't . . . oh never mind.


    Iron Spidey: Hey Mr. Grabby hands, I'm not that kind of date.

    Spidey: Ha ha, I already said that loser.



    I started off unimpressed with this set. I looked at it through the eyes of an adult who wants to display his toys,and not a child that wants to play with them. The entire thing looks like a mess. It's a mishmash of unrelated things that are just supposed to look like Sandman taking over a construction site. The Rhino is entirely disappointing. Why you build him a suit instead of a big figure is beyond me. All of that said, as I played with the set to tell my bizarre little story, I gained some appreciation of all of the play features. They were not designed for me.They were not designed for adults. A kid could have fun with all of the moving parts. But, this set is not for me.

    Let's take a look at the minifigures. This is the biggest reason why anyone buys Super Hero sets, so they should be amazing,or spectacular, or even ultimate.

    First off, there's Iron Spider(-Man). This guy's unique. I mean red and gold is Iron-Man's thing. Anyway, he's got 4 robotic arms attached to a neck bracket, and I think that's inaccurate. I thought he only had 3 in the comics. I like that his back printing looks like the retracted limbs.

    Sandman is boring to look at, but you can't blame LEGO, he's always been boring. He's got a 2 sided head and brown joker hair. The sandy torso and tan limbs show that he's always mid change and sometimes angry.

    I didn't think that there was anything they could do to Spider-Man, but they gave him those 2 tone legs. It looks good, but I am bored of getting Spidey figures.

    Rhino, well, he's just some dude, Pretty sure he's got a clone head. 2 Sided torso printing doesn't make him look any more like a bigfig.




    There's a lot of tan in this set. People like to buy tan parts for MOCs, I think if you get this set cheaply enough, there's a good demand for the parts. The large tile is the same one used in most UCS sets. Iron Spider is the big draw for this set. So he's sure to appreciate a little bit once this set goes.

    I'm stuck thinking about how roundly unpopular this set is. Will it pass into obscurity once it is out of sight, or will people clamor to grab it later on to complete a collection? Not being a fan of this set, I tend to come down on the former. For me, it's a parts set and that's where the value will always lie. If you have a child that likes LEGO and Super Heroes though, this set is a winner for them. Lots of interesting parts, a couple of Spider-Men and some guys for them to beat up. Invest cautiously at steep discounts.

    Help support the site by buying on Amazon.


    Some people might not include the super jumper in extra parts, but that's not me. I definitely don't think it belongs in the set.


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    Finally a new review style I really like what you did with the story and how it showed the stages of the build. Please keep up the good work. I do agree as I view this set negatively however Iron spider does appear in the civil war comics so it may come good depending on the film.

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    I like the creativity, but LOVE the Megadeth quote!  Well played sir.  That said, I'm excited to get one of these when I finally score the $19 or $9 Walmart sale prices.  I see these EVERYWHERE and always scan it hoping to finally get one.  Thanks for the review!

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    49 minutes ago, Sfcommando14 said:

    I like the creativity, but LOVE the Megadeth quote!  Well played sir.  That said, I'm excited to get one of these when I finally score the $19 or $9 Walmart sale prices.  I see these EVERYWHERE and always scan it hoping to finally get one.  Thanks for the review!

    Lol I wondered how many would get that one.

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