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  • LEGO REVIEW: Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium #75094


    I've been wanting to build this set since it was released in June. I never really realized how much I enjoyed stuff from Return of the Jedi until I really looked at my LEGO collecting habits. This particular ship is a beautiful and elegant design in the films, but how does it look when translated in the most recent LEGO iteration? Well the box was pretty, so let's delve into the set.


    Set #: 75094
    Name: Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
    Theme: Star Wars
    Parts: 937
    Price: $99.99

    Before we get to the build, let’s talk value. At $99.99 the price per piece works out to a bit under $.11 each. This seems to be about average for pricing for a licensed set. There are 5 minifigures 4 of which are currently exclusive to this set. Chewbacca is available in this form in 2 other sets. Han, Leia and the 2 Rebel Troopers are exclusive.



    Some people may wind up picking up a set that is open box or, want to verify the box contents before beginning a build. For this set, there are 6 numbered baggies, and a bag containing the instruction book and a sticker sheet.



    Bag 1: Here you build the basic foundation of the shuttle and the 2 Rebel Troopers. There's a box with 2 Thermal Detonators (although if you want 3, the extra pieces are there), a weapons rack, and a hatch in the floor.


    Bag 2: you're continuing to expand the structure of the shuttle's body. You also create the attachment points for the moveable wings. They ratchet up and down individually and you fairly successfully disguise the spring missile shooters. If you look in the second image below, you can see the Technic Pin Connector (62462) that is used as the trigger to fire the missile.


    Bag 3: The first thing I want to make note of is how cool and SNOT the engines of this ship are and how it's a whole panel that's attached to the back. I don't know why they went with the 2 2x4 tiles that will soon be hidden.


    The landing struts are linked and will move up and down in tandem.


    The hatch I mentioned before has a piece on a hinge that will prevent it from lowering on its own. You must flip this down in order the lower the ramp.


    The bag finishes adding some details to the body, including guns.


    Bag 4: The fin. The fin is awesome. Bow down to the fin. It is solid, it is large and in charge, and take it from me, make sure you attach everything in the right direction so that the pin holes line up, because getting it back apart to fix a minor mistake is a giant pain.


    The fin just slots right into the top before you pin it in place.


    Plus, you get Princess Leia and her cookie.


    Bag 5: This bag is the biggest one in the set because you are making the wings and finishing the body of the shuttle. You make some panels for the body that pivot up and down to reveal the interior of the shuttle. The wings weren't terribly complex, but they were time consuming due to size.



    Bag 6: Probably the smallest and most disappointing of the bags. I don't know if I was tired by this point, or if the cockpit design just wasn't that inspired, but compared to the rest, it wasn't a terribly exciting finish. The Han is nice, but Chewbacca's a little bit off. Maybe it's the dark brown, or the weird paint details. Maybe I was disenchanted with this portion, because the cockpit canopy cannot stay open. It's too heavy and closes on its own.


    There were some extra pieces, including a cookie and a Thermal Detonator. I did not take a picture of the brick separator, but rest assured there is one.



    I really like this set, a lot. With the wings down, it is a beautiful thing. With the wings up, the bloom sort of comes off the rose. You see the underside of the wings when it is in the parked or resting position. The underside of the wings are ugly, kind of like an inside out sausage. Ok, maybe not that bad, but the most attractive way to display it will take a lof of clear bricks that are not included to make it display prettily. I really do like this set a lot. Despite the wing undersides and the closing canopy, it's a really nice set. The figures, for the most part, are nice. I really wish there was an extra helmet for Leia. I also wish there was a Luke with poncho to go with it too. I'm going to proudly display this set on its own until I build my Ewok village, then it will go with that.


    This set goes well with Endor scenes, but it would also look great with a bunch of Imperials for an arrival scene. If I could swing the space, and got a good enough discount, I'd have 2 on display.


    This set has the misfortune/fortune of being released 3 months before Force Friday. With the advent of all the Force Awakens sets, this one got relegated to a secondhand status. Fans and parents were more likely to go for TFA sets for the months leading into Christmas. LEGO most likely curtailed production in favor of the newer sets. This is all good news for the future of this set.

    Original Trilogy sets are always popular. Well designed ones moreso. If the newer movie sets take precedence in production, this set will have greater scarcity that collectors might not notice until after EOL. I think this set will be strong later on. A week before Christmas, Amazon has sold out.

    If you need something to convince you, check out these beauty shots. Go buy it on Amazon




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    5 minutes ago, Denigio said:

    Do you find potential big for this set, knowing that there is UCS version?

    There's a spectrum of collector that doesn't want to spend the money for the UCS version and likes the minifigures. If they can have all Minifig scale sets, I think that they'd happily pay 2-3x rrp later on for this set if they missed the boat the first time. The previous version 7166 is very old and very small in comparison, and it's been 3-4x rrp for a while.

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    I LOVE this set and was glad to have bought it when it came out.  I do have the 10236 Ewok Village and will display it with the village and 8038 Battle for Endor sets!  I wish I had a landing platform.....future MOC?

    Does anyone have a good way to display with the wings down?  Like a clear stand or something?

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    I LOVE this set and was glad to have bought it when it came out.  I do have the 10236 Ewok Village and will display it with the village and 8038 Battle for Endor sets!  I wish I had a landing platform.....future MOC?

    Does anyone have a good way to display with the wings down?  Like a clear stand or something?

    I think Jang shows an example of a stand in his review.

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    Nice review.  I finally built this set and was impressed with the end result given it's less than 1000 elements.

    For those who wish to build a display stand, here is a link.  I like how basic elements are used.  A modified version can easily be built using different elements anda Technic - non-Technic hybrid design (like UCS stands).



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