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  • LEGO REVIEW: Marvel Super Heroes 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown





    Set #: 76067
    Name: Tanker Truck Takedown
    Theme: Marvel Super Heroes
    Parts: 330
    Price: $29.99


    Some people may wind up picking up a set that is open box or, want to verify the box contents before beginning a build. For this set, there are 3 numbered baggies, a sticker sheet, and 2 instruction books.



    BAG 1: We

    Hawkeye: Hey Cap, I'm here for the big fight.

    Captain America: Oh, great Hawkeye, we're early, so you can help me set up.


    Captain America: Now, if we work together here, we can raise this up quickly.

    Hawkeye, why do you even need my help, Mr. Super Strength?

    Captain America: Because the Super Soldies Syrum didn't give me 4 arms.


    Captain America: Are you sure it's a good idea to store our flames next to the fuel drums?

    Hawkeye: Sure, I put out fire extinguisher there too. If anything happens, we'll be prepared.


    BAG 2:

    Spider-Man: I'm here for the fight! Ha ha, caught you arrow dude!

    Hawkeye: Gross, I got some of this stuff in my mouth!

    Cap: Look, Sidey, we get to the fight early to set up. Without that, we won't have lots of stuff to wreck. We're not ready to punch you yet.


    Spidey: Oh man, sorry about that Katniss. Let me help you out.

    Hawkeye: Wait, did this stuff come out of you?

    Cap: When you two are done playing around, I think we should get started, everyone else will be here soon.


    Spidey: my webs are a super strong polymer that is flexible and adhesive, but breaks down within a few hours so that the city's not just constantly covered in webs. Plus, it's cherry flavored, so can double as a snack.

    Cap: That's very impressive son, but for now we've got to finish this truck.

    Hawkeye: Unless you can spin a truck out of that stuff and save us the time to build it.

    Spidey: Uhm, nope?


    Spidey: Hey, you guys want to hear something funny? I'm not even old enough to have a license yet.

    Hawkeye: Great, I've got underpants older than this guy.

    Spidey: You should probably change them.

    Cap: Can I just be put back in the ice?


    Cap: Hey Spidey, help me lift this so Clint can put the wheels on.

    Spidey: Hey Merida, can you get a move on? This thing isn't as light as it looks.

    Hawkeye: It's lighter than your mom.


    Spider-Man: That's not cool man, my mom's dead.

    Hawkeye: She probably just left because she didn't like you.

    Cap: Geez Clint, give the kid a break.


    Spidey: You probably can't tell because of the mask, but I hate you.

    Cap: Hawkeye, how long are you going to carry those lights around while we're doing all the work?

    Hawkeye: Oops! You noticed that huh?


    Hawkeye: All right, if you guys can lift these, how hard can it be?

    Cap: Careful Hawk, lift with your legs.

    Hawkeye: Eep!

    Spidey: Ha ha!


    Spidey: You know, I think Tony Stark has a robot or something that can put this thing together faster. Gotta bounce!


    BAG 3:

    Vision: I don't understand why Tony told me to come here early.


    Vision: There appears to be a lot of things that were put together wrong. I think Mister Barton must have been involved.

    Hawkeye: Hey metal man, what did you mean by that?

    Spidey: He meant that you're bad at your job Speedy from CW's the Arrow.

    Cap: Because Speedy's a female archer?

    Spidey: Yup.


    Vision: Alert! There is a fire due to Mr. Barton's ineptitude.

    Spidey: Don't worry, I'll smother it in webbing!

    Cap: Are you sure that stuff's not flammable?

    Hawkeye: I hope it is.



    Cap: I've got the fire extinguisher.

    Vision: I'll use this cover to smother the flames.

    Hawkeye: I don't feel so good, are you sure those webs are edible?


    Hawkeye: I'm dying because Spider-Boy shot poisonous webs into my mouth.

    Spidey: Listen Dorkeye, I eat that stuff all the time,and I'm fine.

    Vision: I believe that you are fine because you have mutated spider genes and can process elements that Mister Barton cannot.

    Spidey: I thought that Dorkeye's mutated Dork genes could handle it.

    Cap: Come on Clint, suck it up. I've seen you pour Twizzlers in a bowl with cherry cola and call it cereal.


    Vision: I don't know why I deal with these people. Not a single one of them is logical.









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