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  • Lego Star Wars Rebels Fans Can Rejoice. New Episodes Return Jan. 20


    Note: spoilers are included within this article

    Season 2.5 Details

    Lego Rebels fans can tune to Disney xD (or one of the many mobile device apps) tomorrow evening (Jan. 20) to watch the first of ten new episodes.  We have interesting story-lines ahead that will not only please regular viewers but should inject renewed investing focus into this Star Wars Lego sub-theme. 

    All 10 episode titles and synopsis were published online yesterday but has been removed due to possibly being fake (see tweet below)


    Known Details as of Jan 19

    1. Vader returns and is voiced again by James Earl Jones. A dual between Vader and Ahsoka Tano is 99% certain.  Note: It was first reported on Brickpicker.com before other web sites the upcoming Lego Darth Vader Tie Fighter set is Rebels-based.
    2. Kanan, Ahsoka and Ezra travel to a Sith Temple.
    3. Expect at least one additional Inquisitor to be introduced.
    4. Yoda makes a cameo.
    5. Ezra holds a cross-guard Lightsaber similar to the one Klyo Ren used in the film.
    6. Hera and her Twi'lek father, Cham Syndulla reunite.
    7. A teenage Princess Leia is introduced.
    8. Jedi Temple Guards appear.
    9. Rumored backgrounds of Zeb and Sabine (Mandalorians) are explored. 1 episode for each character is predicted.
    10. Holocrons return.


    Lego Investment Growth

    Lego Rebels debuted in 2014 with additional sets introduced last year.  More information about the line can be seen by clicking the link below.

    According to @Jeff Mack and @Ed Mack 's current price guide, Rebel sets are averaging a +19.34% growth from Nov. to Dec. 2015. This is most likely due to sets retiring, becoming harder to locate at retail and being part of general Star Wars demand (The Force Awakens film).  If we remove the latest set produced (75106 : Imperial Assault Carrier from Summer 2015), the growth increases to +22.67%I believe this 1 month growth demonstrates strong secondary buyer demand for Lego Rebels regardless of the holiday season.   This theme seems to be clicking with both KFOLs and AFOLs.


    Check-out Lego.com and Amazon.com for in-stock Lego Rebels sets.

    http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=jfOcdvfTNg4&subid;=&offerid=115554.1&type=10&tmpid=2294&RD_PARM1= http://search-en.lego.com/?q=Rebels&cc=US



    Season 2's Mid-Season trailer can be viewed below for additional goodness and be sure to participate in the Rebels topic.


    Forum topic link =




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    6 hours ago, legomark3 said:

    Looking forward to this starting back up! I watched the first season with the kids and by the end I think I was enjoying it more than them :)

    Same here in my house.  My 6 year old really likes this show but I'm the true Rebels fan in the house.

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