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  • Top Selling Sets (USA - S@H): February 2016


    Welcome to first monthly entry of the Top 10 Selling sets as listed by LEGO S@H. As you may remember, this blog started as a weekly posting, but we figured it would be better to compile the data throughout the month and publish it all in one time. This reduces the probability of having less than 10 sets every other week.

    How does this Blog work?

    1. While the LEGO Shop at Home best sellers list is updated daily, we will be updating it every month (Hopefully by the end of the 1st week of the next month).
    2. The list includes only sets. Minifigures, keychains, Pick a Brick and other products are excluded.
    3. I am keeping an Excel spreadsheet with each set that appears on the list, its daily placing and a tally to determine the positions at the end of the month. 
    4. For now, this is a US based best sellers list. 

    Pretty simple!

    Top 10 Best Selling Sets (LEGO S@H)

    #1: 40201 Valentines Cupid Dog - Buy Now! 


    This small "seasonal" set managed to crush the competition pretty easily during February, and it is really not hard to figure out why. The set itself was not expensive, and with Valentine's Day being one of the most important holidays of Q1 it is pretty understandable this managed to be in the top for most of the month.

    #2: 75102 Poe's X-Wing - Buy Now! 


    Poe's X-Wing has been creating waves in the forums for a while now, with a portion of members thinking it will have an early retirement due to the release of the blue X-Wing, and another group thinking that the shortage is due to flippers gobbling up the inventory. There is no way to know which one is right with 100% certainty, but I would really be surprised if LEGO decides to retire this set this early into its life. If they do, however, it has the potential to offer amazing returns.

    #3: 10251 Brick Bank - Buy Now!



    The newest modular in the street has shown up consistently in the Top 10. Obviously, the fact that it is a new release has helped, as AFOLs eager to expand their modular town rushed to acquire it. Personally, I think this set is an outstanding addition to the line, and expect it to continue to show up in the list for at least a few more weeks.

    #4: 75827 Firehouse Headquarters - Buy Now!



    Ah, the Ghostbuster's HQ. Much like the Brick Bank, being a new release has definitely propped up this set over the past few weeks, but even then it is pretty amazing to me that it has hovered in the Top 5 for as long as it has given its particularly high price tag. The model itself looks GREAT in person, and the minifigures are sure to be hits with GB fans and collectors. A sure winner in my book whenever it happens to retire (which I acknowledge is several years away).

    #5: The Big Bang Theory - Buy Now!


    The Big Bang Theory. Some people have a lot of confidence in the set, while an (at least) just as big group think it will not do as good. The fact that LEGO had to discount this set relatively early into its life makes me think that it really is not as popular as they originally expected, and also the reason it has been in the Top 10 list for the last several days of February.

    #6: Heavy Haul Train - Buy Now!


    Another beneficiary of the LEGO S@H round of discounts. Trains tend to do pretty well in the secondary market, but it seems that the last couple City themed trains have taken a little while to produce significant returns.

    #7: Sea Plane - Buy Now!


    This is one of those smaller sets that appear on this list from time to time that I honestly have no idea about. Unless people are ordering this in order to reach the free shipping threshold, I honestly have no clue about why these would be so popular.

    #8: New York City - Buy Now!


    The flagship set of the new Skylines sub-theme of the Architecture line. This is by far the most appealing of the ones that have been released so far, and the only one that I would honestly spend the amount of money LEGO is asking for them. The rest are Ok in my opinion, but they just seem to expensive for what you get. 

    #9: Birthday Table Decoration - Buy Now!


    This is a pretty nice and small release. Unlike the Sea Plane, I can understand why sets like this one and most of the seasonally themed sets tend to do well in sales. They are relatively cheap and make for unique everyday kind of gifts.

    #10: Architecture Studio - Buy Now!


    Finally we get to Architecture Studio. You all probably remember the craziness that this set generated when this set was originally released. Quick flipping this set was very common and decently profitable, so inventories ran dry relatively fast and as far as I can remember we spent at least several weeks without seeing one in the wild or online. Eventually though, the set's popularity made LEGO bring it back for what seems as a more "traditional" production run, and it has since become less appealing to short term investors. Still, you can bet it will be very popular once it disappears completely from the shelves.




    Thanks for reading!




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