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Preview - Lego Betrayal at Cloud City 75222 - Preview, Size, and Value Opinion

First look at what you will get from Lego Betrayal at Cloud City, 75222, and how does it compare (2:57). The the stats show s it a good value (5:27)?  How big is it? (7:02) It is the first of the a Master Builder series sets. What does that mean and how does it compare to other Star Wars sets? (8:46)

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actually when you look at the price comparison the US price isnt that good, here in EU prices include 20% VAT so for the US that would mean the price of Cloud City would be 437$ if your VAT is also 20% (dont know anything about Canada / Australia taxes)

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fantastic.. brilliant, very descriptive, not blutant and full of real comparisons.. I just love your podcasts (videos).. could you do one also on Speed Champions, pretty please.. ?

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