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9481-1: Jeff Gorvette

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Review from: TheOrcKing
Reviewed on: May 4, 2013
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One of the smallest sets from Lego’s line for Disney’s Cars is the Jeff Gorvette character from Cars 2, originally based on the Chevrolet Corvette C6 Le Mans Sports car and an obvious pun of NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, who did voice the character in the film. Despite my love of the movies themselves, there was not exactly a whole lot in the way of this grabbing my attention although it was one of the more nicely distinctive models from the theme. Plus I really wanted those tires badly to use in a build of mine so what the heck.


Besides five parts featuring full printing (the front mudguard and rear spoiler for example) and the included wheels in dark bluish gray, there is little to nothing else special. For a time, the Cars sets were primarily the only way to get these types of wheels but lately they have been finding their way into others which is a good thing for builders but perhaps not so much for investors.


With just a vehicle, lane divider, and small ‘Christmas tree’, this is a rather quick set to build that much like the theme itself is highly geared towards children. If there ever was a spot for it to shine, that would have to be its play value. In an amusing way this is very much like a Hot Wheels toy but made from Lego instead. The car is reasonably sturdy and can handle some rough and tumble kind of antics apart from the tiles that form up the sides seeing how those can come off somewhat easily depending on how you grab the vehicle. There is very little you can do with the tiny lane divider but the system of lights certainly has uses applicable for other racing sets and the like.


Going for $6.99 in stores and coming with 54 parts is roughly $0.13 per piece which is not too shabby considering all of what you get although I can hardly see anyone being able to part out the set in any case mostly due to the unique ‘junior’ pieces.


While the movies the line was based on were superb, I cannot say the same about the sets themselves truthfully and there has been this funky pattern of Disney related sets not performing well by a long shot in the secondary market. There is the slight off chance a select few may do better later on but that could be like taking one very long road trip to destinations unknown.


Being available from every major retailer hardly made this exclusive by any means and each carried a good number of inventory at all times probably because like other sets in the theme sat on shelves for a long while.

PACKAGING | Score: 4

I will admit this aspect was represented rather well from the camera angle used to the layout of the graphics across the entire box. It is well away from jaw dropping to be sure but does feature some lovely packaging.


Here is where things get interesting and possibly even a bit odd. After researching the entire theme better, I have noticed that these small sized sets are performing stronger than the larger ones. So that we are the same page, check out this comparison chart.

8200: Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen 2011 $6.99 $11.74 +29.60%
8201: Classic Mater 2011 $6.99 $10.00 +19.61%
8206: Tokyo Pit Stop 2011 $14.99 $13.00 -6.87%
8423: Grand Prix Racing Rivalry  2011 $14.99 $23.24 +24.51%
8424: Mater’s Spy Zone 2011 $14.99 $13.03 -6.77%
8426: Escape at Sea 2011 $19.99 $18.75 -3.15%
8484: Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 2011 $29.99 $25.59 -7.62%
8486: Mack’s Team Truck 2011 $39.99 $41.63 +4.03%
8487: Flo’s V8 Café 2011 $59.99 $49.72 -8.96%
8638: Spy Jet Escape 2011 $49.99 $39.85 -10.72%
8639: Big Bentley Bust Out 2011 $69.99 $47.71 -17.44%
8677: Ultimate Build Mater 2011 $29.99 $24.30 -9.98%
8678: Ultimate Build Francesco 2011 $29.99 $26.37 -6.23%
8679: Tokyo International Circuit 2011 $89.99 $79.66 -5.91%
9478: Francesco Bernoulli 2012 $6.99 $11.74 +67.95%
9479: Ivan Mater 2012 $6.99 $10.42 +49.07%
9480: Finn McMissile 2012 $6.99 $9.00 +28.76%
9481: Jeff Gorvette 2012 $6.99 $10.95 +56.65%
9483: Agent Mater’s Escape 2012 $14.99 $14.83 -1.07%
9484: Red’s Water Rescue 2012 $19.99 $21.74 +8.75%
9485: Ultimate Race Set 2012 $29.99 $28.10 -6.30%
9486: Oil Rig Escape 2012 $49.99 $40.42 -19.14%

From the looks of things, the smalls seem to be reaching heights of roughly twice their original retail yet the larges are having a difficult time trying to stay at their own. Weird, isn’t it? Then again even at twice their base price makes them about the same as a brand new Star Wars battle pack so perhaps it is not too much of stretch for willing buyers to pay the extra cash.


This is just a small car with a tiny play set attached sort of, but it actually does not look half bad next to a minifigure.


Basically, you get what you pay for more or less. A simple car with a face and a few other pieces tossed in the mix. As far as possible returns go, I can only see around twice normal retail on average and maybe more than that on a good day but I would not push it. Even so I cannot recommend investing considerably in this specific set let along the overall theme. Roughly 10% or so of the included pieces are considered ‘junior’ parts and really do not have any kind of application outside of the line itself. Now I must give credit where it is due to the designers at Lego for faithfully reproducing the characters from the films into their medium rather well, but the main appeal truly is for kids and offers very little for adults.