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5882-1: Ambush Attack

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  • First Impression Feelings after first look? 7.50
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 7.50
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 7.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 8.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 5.50
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 7.50
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 8.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 7.50

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Review from: mikeur86
Reviewed on: May 12, 2013
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5882 Ambush Attack was the very first Dino set that we picked up. It was small, simple and came with one of my personal favorite dinosaurs, The Raptor. Also included is a yellow vehicle that has a nice little touch. At $11.99 this set was definitely a steal in my book!


This set comes with 80 pieces and some unique pieces:


-1 Mini-figure with Tranquilizer Belt. This figure is available in a total of four sets.

-A Raptor with green stripes


Some other unique pieces:


-Orange Horn with shaft

-Yellow 1x1 Brick with 1 Knob

-Dark Green Finger Leaf

-Sand Yellow Finger Leaf

-Radiator Grille Bright Orange

-The Rifle


There really wasn't much of a build experience here. The vehicle is very similar to other vehicles in other sets. Nothing to write home about there. However, the playability of this set is very cool! This was the first set that my son owned that had an animal related figure in it. Well, first, non-duplo set. Dinosaurs are very cool and very interesting and after we opened this set up he immediately started asking questions about the Raptor. So I pulled up some pictures and knowledge from the internet and started sharing as much as I could find. As for playability of this set I give it a 10! Dinosaurs make for an interesting play time.


Here is what Lego's description said:


Avoid the ambush and capture the coelophysis!

As the hero rides his mini off-roader through the jungle on the lookout for dinosaurs, an agile Coelophysis hides behind a bush, ready to pounce. Can our brave hero capture it using his tranquilizer gun before the dino escapes and attacks the city? You decide! Includes hero minifigure and Coelophysis dinosaur.

  • Includes hero minifigure and Coelophysis dinosaur
  • Features mini off-roader with 2 missiles
  • Accessories include jungle foliage and tranquilizer gun
  • Use the tranquilizer gun to capture the dinosaur!
  • Don’t let the dinosaur escape into the city!
  • Mini off-roader measures over 3” (7cm) long
  • Coelophysis stands over 2” (5cm) tall and 3” (7cm) long


As for adventure and plain ol curiosity I feel this set has a lot of value. Dinosaurs are just that awesome! I have put together a chart with the entire Dino theme so we can see how this compares to the rest of the theme. We will look at the price per piece ratio, the overall size and the original price of each set:


Dino Theme
Set Number Model Original MSRP Amount of Pieces # of Mini-Figures Price Per Piece
5882 Ambush Attack $11.99 USD 80 Pieces 1  $0.15
5883 Tower Takedown $19.99 USD 136 Pieces  $0.15
5884 Raptor Chase $29.99 USD 259 Pieces  $0.12
5885 Triceratops Trapper $49.99 USD 271 Pieces  $0.18
5886 T-Rex Hunter $69.99 USD 480 Pieces  $0.15
5887 Dino Defense HQ $99.99 USD 793 Pieces  $0.13
5888 Ocean Interceptor $34.99 USD 222 Pieces  $0.16

Overall taking a look at this series we can see that the price per piece ratio was a little higher than other themes. The lowest was 12 cents which is considerably higher than say Star Wars or Super Heroes. Our Ambush Attack set is 15 cents per piece which seems to be the norm for this series. Overall, for this small set of 80 pieces it seems that it was priced consistently to some of the larger sets. 


The Dino theme is one of my favorites and though it may not seem like its doing well right now I feel like it has a lot of potential. I'm still not sure if this will be the only Dinosaur theme that we see but with the rumors of Jurassic Park 4 coming out soon that could really add some interest in these sets on the secondary market.


There wasn't anything exclusive about this. Available at all retail stores.

PACKAGING | Score: 9

I really liked this theme's coloring. Yellow and red. On this set we can see a jungle in the background. We can see the mini-figure hero driving the vehicle and the Raptor trying to attack him. It's a small set which is great for shipping on the secondary market. A lot os happening here I really like the Dino logo. The claws through the letters and the Dinosaurs face poking out of the "o". Overall, a 9.


 Let's take a look at the growth of this set so far since its retirement in November and see whats happened. 

Dino Theme
Set Number Model Original MSRP Amount of Pieces Price Per Piece Current Value CAGR
5882 Ambush Attack $11.99 USD 80 Pieces  $0.15 $15.71 USD 31.03%
5883 Tower Takedown $19.99 USD 136 Pieces  $0.15 $20.37 USD 1.90%
5884 Raptor Chase $29.99 USD 259 Pieces  $0.12 $29.11 USD -2.93%
5885 Triceratops Trapper $49.99 USD 271 Pieces  $0.18 $39.06 USD -21.86%
5886 T-Rex Hunter $69.99 USD 480 Pieces  $0.15 $57.74 USD -17.50%
5887 Dino Defense HQ $99.99 USD 793 Pieces  $0.13 $130.89 USD 30.90%
5888 Ocean Interceptor $34.99 USD 222 Pieces  $0.16

$38.95 USD 11.32%

Looking at the chart above we can see that this has appreciated the best as far as CAGR goes. That could simply be because its the cheapest set and people are willing to pay a little bit more than MSRP but its still not above the $20.00 mark. The only other set that can compete with this set's CAGR is the Dino HQ which has appreciated very well at 30.90%.

I think overall this set has performed fair over the past six months. It definitely has some potential in a year or two. I think its too early to tell what the future of this set really is. It's clear the winner of this theme was the Dino HQ which can easily be predicted because of the sheer amount of pieces it had. In some cases bigger isn't better but in a theme that is struggling to stay alive usually the bigger sets do the best.


My recommendation of this set is to sit on it for a year or two. Give it some time and be patient, I really feel like this has some potential and if you are willing to believe in it yourself you could potentially see some nice profits. The good news about Lego sets is they very rarely ever lose money. I think this particular set will do well!


This set doesn't have any display potential. However, the Raptor can be added to some scenes if you have something set up. It can also be displayed with non-mini figure animals. It's unique and it's awesome!


My conclusion is that this set has quite a bit of potential. Let's take a look at the Pro's and Con's:


-Unique Raptor Figure

-Small package and easy to ship

-Overall Value of set was good


-No unique mini-figures or pieces really to make the set explode in profits

-Dino theme isn't that popular right now

Do your own research when getting into the investment of this theme. Most likely if you find these sets at or below MSRP they should prove to be a wise investment over time. There definitely may be other sets though that could yield the same results in a shorter period of time. I give this set a 7.

Review from: Veegs
Reviewed on: Apr 29, 2013
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Like the other sets in this theme, the box is pretty eye-catching and nicely features the dino (Coelophsis, which Wikipedia tells me is one of the oldest and fastest dinosaurs of the whole species) and the vehicle.  The vehicle is a pretty nifty looking off-roader.


The colors and parts of the set aren't all that unique, especially if you have other sets in this theme.  The minifigure doesn't jump out to me as anything special, but the maxifigure, Mr. Coelophysis, is really the gem of this set for me.  This is a really well done dino, in tan and green, which is unique to this set.  Yes, there is a Coelophysis in the Dino HQ set, but the coloring is different, which might not be that important to an outside observer but could be an important buying/selling feature for collectors and investors.


On its own, this is a pretty simple set.  The jungle pieces, without other Dino sets, presumably look a little out of place on a barren baseplate.  Likewise, the vehicle would work better parked inside or near the Dino HQ (which probably explains why the value of the HQ has been rising steadily).  The fun aspect is the dinosaur.  As I'll outline below, I think some of the sets are a little pricey so this set represents a great opportunity to get a cool dinosaur at a relatively low price. 


I think this set at retail is good value for money.  Some people would like more minifigures (perhaps) in the smallest set in a theme, but I'll take a dinosaur over another one or two generic, unlicensed minifigs any day of the week.  While this product is listed as retired on the Shop at Home Lego store, I quickly scanned the latest ebay listings and you can still get this set at around retail if you are patient and put in a little legwork to find a set at a good price with reasonable shipping.  Unlike the T-Rex in the two biggest sets, the Coelophysis is not netting a great return on its own on ebay at the moment, but MISB sets do have a solid CAGR, meaning this set sells better as a whole - at least for now.  As the set's retirement lengthens, it would be wise to keep an eye on this if you have invested.


No need to beat a dead horse - people like dinosaurs and this likely won't be the last Dino line.  Great playability and fun, as well as some nice display opportunities with some of the coolest maxifigures I think the Lego Group has ever made.


This was not an exclusive or limited set and was widely available during its run  Although not really limited in production, it is nice to note that this line didn't hang around for multiple years, meaning those that grabbed sets at a nice discount are really primed to make good returns on their investment.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The packaging is similar and in line with the other sets in the theme, which I think is a good thing, as the yellow theme really pops!


As a retired EOL set, now might be the last chance to get this set in time to turn a profit.  In a quick scan of ebay there are some near-retail listings that might be valuable flips down the road.  Small sets seem to do well in a retired, popular theme.  As of the end of April, 2013, third party sellers on amazon are selling this for $19, which represents a solid return on investment if purchased on sale during its retail run.  Brickpicker lists its current CAGR at 31+ %, which raised my eyebrows.  This is well over the average, and while it is a small profit, it may be easier to sell a few smaller sets at a nice return as bigger investors may scoff at such small numbers.  A value of $25-$30 within another 18 months seems likely to me.


As noted above, this set doesn't really have a lot of 'wow factor' on its own.  It really needs other sets in the theme to flesh out the display.


I think that this set will have a really solid return on investment over the next couple of years.  This is a really popular theme, and this little set packs a nice punch with a decent vehicle and a very cool dinosaur.  In my experience, collectors and other buyers are much more likely to pull the trigger on smaller sets, which might be beneficial if you have quite a few multiples of this set.  I think that someone is going to make a profit on this set - will it be you?  Are you willing to deal with a high shipping/listing to total profit ratio?  I'm in, and I might see if I can hunt down a few more at a decent price before others snap them up.