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6239-1: Cannon Battle

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 5.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 7.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 7.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 5.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 6.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 5.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 7.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 6.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 5.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 6.00
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Reviewed on: Jul 3, 2013
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This set stands with the other Pirate sets about equally if not less. Nothing really wows you when you see the box. It is basically a pirate, soldier, and a cannon. (Pirate ships are a totally different story.) I got this set as an Easter gift about 4 years ago and I thought it was a pretty sweet set at the time considering it was my first ever Lego Pirates set. Who doesn't like pirates when they're a kid! (: The box was on the small side, but it fits the price and number of pieces appropriately. I gave it a 5 because it really isn't a set that makes you go wow I have to have it or anything. I've included the LEGO description of the set below.

LEGO.com Desrciption

Cannon battle for the treasure map!

The pirate has found a treasure map, but the soldier wants it too! BOOM! The firing cannon blasts the wall to pieces. Will the soldier get the map, or does the pirate have a tricky plan to escape?

  • Includes soldier, pirate, treasure map, sword and musket!
  • Fire the pull-action cannon and blast the break-away wall to pieces! Rebuild and fire again!


The minifigures are nicely done. You get one Royal guard with a sword and a long torch with a flame on the end. (The flame on the end is a new piece.) He has a black hat and a red/white attire. A very nice army builder for your British armies. (1500 to early 1800s style.) The pirate comes with a green/white torso and his bandanna is also green. (The green torso is pretty rare as it is only found in 3 sets and the bandanna is found in 7 sets.) He gets a brown musket and a map. The map and musket are both found in other Lego sets. The pirate's torso is the same pattern, but a different color in some of the other Pirate sets. One of the minifigures is exclusive to the set which helps raise its value.

The cannon is a nice part to have in the set. It is spring loaded and fires the black cylinder pretty far. (6+ feet.) The wheels are brown and are nice for 1500s through 1800s style MOCs. The cannon itself is found in 6 sets along with the red mount that holds the cannon. (Spring-loaded version.)

I will give the unique parts/minifigures a 7 out of ten.


I think this set has great playability considering the set's small size. The cannon as I said before is spring loaded and can shoot a good ways. (6+ feet or about 1.8 meters.) The top part of the rock wall is removable so you can act out the scene of the cannon destroying the wall. (It's a nice touch for this set.) The torch the soldier comes with can be used to "light" the cannon. You could even act out the recoil of the cannon if you really wanted too. This set could also be combined with the other Pirate sets to add to your playability. Overall I gave this set a 7 because it offers a lot for a small set.


This set's value for money is slightly high, but I have couple ideas why. (The price per piece is $0.13.)

  • Most of the peices in this set are the minifigures and the cannon. Those pieces cost more for TLG to make causing the price to go up.
  • It follows the theme's median price per piece. (Look at the chart below. Red is the current set I'm reviewing.)

6239 Cannon Battle


6240 Kraken Attackin'


6241 Loot Island


6242 Soldier's Fort


6243 Brickbeard's Bounty


6253 Shipwreck Hideout


The average price per piece of this theme at $0.13 1/2.

This set wasn't a bargain price per piece wise, but considering what you get in this set it doesn't seem so bad. 2 minifigures, a cannon, and a small wall for $5.99 is a great price in my opinion. 

Parting this set out for profit would be difficult now considering the aftermarket value. However if you bought this set at retail you could part it out for the two minifigures alone and the cannon/other pieces would be all profit. The minifigures can fetch at least a couple dollars if not more looking through some completed eBay listings. 

All in all I listed it as a 5. Not a terrible deal by any means, but not a great one either.





I think this theme's popularity has declined greatly since the 1980s and 1990s heyday of Lego pirates. The next pirate theme after this one was the Pirates of the Caribbean which overall was not a very popular theme. (The pirate ships did well, but some other sets from that theme were still in the stores months after they were retired.) However I do believe there are Lego fans who still like the Pirate themes and continue to buy them as shown by the eBay sales of this theme. I gave the theme popularity a 6 out of ten.


This set is average as far as exclusivity goes. The set was around for about 2 years and it got discontinued rather quickly because of the release of the POTC theme. It was available at Target, Walmart, TRU, S@H, Lego stores, and various smaller stores. My mom got this set from our local Target with ease. (They had plenty on the shelves.) I gave it a 5 out of ten.

PACKAGING | Score: 7

I think the packaging on this set is super good. There is a map in the upper left side of the front of the box along with the Pirates logo. The Pirates logo is black and has a pair of crossbones. The color scheme really blends in with the rest of the box art which includes pictures of the set. It also includes the normal information like the recommended ages and different warnings. The box for the set is slightly too small, but they do manage to cram all of the pieces in there nevertheless. It’s an above average box design so it gets a 7.


This set has increase steadily since October of last year when it was $12.66 for a new one. The April data is at $14.48. You may think that isn't that big of a jump, but I think it is if you consider the retail price of the set which was $5.99. (It has a current CAGR of 24.69% which is well above the overall Lego average of 11.36 %.) I could see this set gaining a couple more dollars over the next 6 months with the highest price around Christmas. 

Looking out 2 to 5 years from now I see this set at around $23-$30. That will depend on many factors including the popularity of pirates in general among kids, TFOL's, and AFOL's alike. Another factor in this set is that it doesn't have a licensed theme to go with it unlike Star Wars, The Hobbit, and LOTR. While normally that would help a theme's growth and popularity, recent Disney themes like Toy Story and Prince of Persia have dampened that view.

I don't feel this set will depreciate severely in the near future. Overall I gave this set's growth potential a 6 out of 10. 


Even though this set is small it still has many good attributes for displaying. The cannon itself could be mounted on a fort or be used in other Pirate MOCs. The wall could be joined with a huge rock wall. The list goes on and on. I like to think of it as an over-sized polybag. It's too big to be a polybag and it's too small to be a battle pack.  As I said before the set itself doesn't "wow" you, but I don't think that is its purpose. Its purpose is to appeal to younger kids who can't afford the bigger sets and I think this set is spot on for that. 

This set by itself is on the boring side, but that plagues many sets of this price/size. I gave it a 5.


My final analysis will include the major pros and cons of this set and a final conclusion.


1. The number of minifigures in this small set along with a cannon is a plus.

2. At retail or a little higher you could part out this set easily for a profit.

3. Any well-made pirate movie could increase the value of this set even though it’s not tied to any movie franchise.

4. One of the minfigures is exclusive to this set.


1. No real "wow" factor as it includes a cannon, a wall, and some minifigures.

2. Price per piece could be better.

3. The theme overall is currently not too popular among most LEGO fans. (Star Wars, and Ninjago has been more popular among boys and girls have been hooked to the Friends theme.)

4. There was lots of this set at my local stores when they were discontinued and many sets were heavily discounted to clear them out.

Final Conclusion

After considering everything I gave this set a 6. The number of minifigures and the cannon will help this grow as an investment. Most of the cons do not matter too many hard core Pirate collectors even though they might be far and few between. The price per piece (PPP) is not necessarily the best determination of a set's value especially in this case. Minifigures and cannons consistently cost more than normal bricks and this set has 2 minifigures and one cannon. I really think this set can still shine in the future. As always, "Invest with Caution." :)