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Review from: fossilrock
Reviewed on: May 4, 2015
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My first impression of this set was somewhat mixed.  The Sandcrawler is kind of an oddly shaped slug of a vehicle - to put it bluntly, this is definitely not the ferrari of the Star Wars universe.  Yet, it's a UCS take on the vehicle, and so that holds a special kind of weight that this is not just some light weight build with few features that you are done with in a few hours.  This set is going to take you at least a day or two to build (I slowly built mine over the course of many weeks), and it's going to be a lot of fun.   The best part about this vehicle is that it's not very repetetive.  There's a lot of parts, angles, and shapes in this unique thought out design that utilizes techniques that combine a lot of technic elements. The set has some great playability features, as you create 2 cranes, a front hatch that opens by turning a gear, and a gear system that drives the vehicle from the back. The frame and build of this vehicle is very solid.  When it's finished and you finally get to delve into all that is contained in this set, you will be quite pleased.  In all, this is a great set.  Is it the best UCS set created?  Well, that depens on perspective.  But it will stand on it's own.  I also think this is a great set to invest in.  While many will be investing in Slave 1s, Tie Fighters, and Red 5s, i'm going to speculate this one takes a backseat to those UCS exclusives.  It's kind of stuck in between many great exclusives (yes, this is a golden age for Star Wars lego, epsecially the UCS sets).


LOTS! This is a minifigure heavy set that feels complete - you get Uncle Owen, countless droids, and 4 new Jawas!  There are also many technic elements that many might like.  The tracks that go into the wheels are really well done and not in many sets.   With over 3000 pieces, this set is something that won't be easily bricklinked, and will be hard to recreate.  That makes buying this set a great investment.


There's a few sets in the Star Wars universe that I thought were an absolute blast to build, and this is one of them.  This set doesn't have a lot of repetition, as you create many interesting shapes and angles, that after you piece it together, you sit back and wonder how the heck the designers thought about creating it in such a fashion.  The build is also very techincal at times - as you are building it you'll quickly admire the inner framework that goes into keeping this large bulky set together.  And this set is solid with very few pieces busting off once you get it together, and that is a great thing. 

When the set is complete, there is very much playability to this set.  I personally like this about these sort of hybrid model/playsets.  To me, this is what a UCS lego set should be like - there should be a playability factor to it.  Too many UCS sets are just mere lego models.  This is not, and I like that factor about it.  I've heard many gripe about that fact, but i'm not going to be one of those people.  I personally think legos should have a fun factor to it that go beyond just the build.  They should be awesome looking playsets on steroids, that has some cinematic authenticity, and this one meets that criteria.


Ok, here's the deal with this set - it's 299.99 US dollars.  That's a chunk of change that not many people are going to want to dump on a set.  This is a limiting factor that the general population will stay away from.  However, this is like investing in something that will accrue over time.  If you can manage to keep a used set from damage, or lost parts, it will rarely, and more than likely never go below retail once it retires.  The original sandcrawler was a big money maker for a few people, and this one is better than that version with more parts, more minifigures, and more playability.  The playability alone makes this set a big winner.  I have a young one, and to him this set has a lot of features to keep him busy for hours.  Between building droids, to using cranes to hoist the droids into the sandcrawler, to driving the sandcrawler over all sorts of terrain, this UCS set has lot going for it.  It's definitely expensive, but i'd argue that yes, you get your money out of it, and if you sell it 10 years from now, you more than likely will make your money back on it.


Original trilogy?  Check.  Jawas? Check.  Unique exclusive droids?  Check.  Uncle Owen? Check.  An amazing Sandcrawler design?  Super check.  I dont see how you can lose with any set that is based off the original movies, and especially from the planet Tattoine.


It's a UCS Sandcrawler.  There is one other lego sandcrawler, and this one is miles ahead of that one.  I doubt they'll be making this one again for at least a decade, so enjoy it, buy it, build it, and definitely invest in a few!  This set is an exclusive.

PACKAGING | Score: 8

The box art itself is interesting, but the size of this set is so large that the boxes can be easily damaged.  I think it's going to be hard to buy a "mint UCS sandcrawler set" that will stay mint very long in the future.  To anyone that invests in this and has yet to buy it, well be careful with the box.  It's the same size as the Death Star set, so it requires a lot of care to maintain these bulky big boxes from imploding on themselves.  The one I bought the box is pretty much shot.


UCS sets based on the original Star Wars movie have always done well.  There's a huge cult of jawa fans.  They are the IT fix-it geeks of tattoine, and there are some that respect their ability to mine droids from crashed ships deep in the hostile deserts of Tattoine.   Jawa's are adored by many...  Yes, I think this is a good set to invest in.  I think it is not the most desirable UCS set on the market compared to other sets of this size (red 5, Ewok Village, Death Star, Slave 1, and Tie Fighter), which means it will be the least horded, and the least invested in, which might give it great investment potential.  I think in that sense, those that do invest in it, and plan on holding them for a while will do well with this set.


Ok, first impressions of a sandcrawler are kind of ho-hum.  Some call it a "ugly brown box", and it can look like that.  But, once you open it up and showcase the capabilities that impression will change quite a bit.  When you can lift droids into the containment bays, and open the front by twisting the knob, it really stands out as a beautiful well thought-out design by lego.  Many UCS sets are just big lego models without much playability going for it (DS2, R2D2, SSD come to mind), while this one is not on that level.  While the SSD and R2d2 are much better at display, this one is great as a display piece that can be played with and have some functions that might create good conversation even between semi-casual star wars fans.


Invest in it.  But please, buy one to build for yourself and enjoy how awesome lego UCS sets can be.  This is what I call a complete set.  While many smaller sets lack details, or features, or have a scarcity of figures, this one is not on that level.  This one has a great build, a great design, a lot of playability, and many minifigures that complete the iconic scene when the Jawa's unknowingly sold Uncle Owen a few "wanted rebel droids" in episode 4.  Personally, i'd rather spend 300.00 on a complete set like this one that has over 3000 pieces, then 50.00 on 6 sets with a few hundred pieces that feel incomplete to the scene it's trying to recreate.  With that said, this Sandcrawler is a gem, and I was pleasantly happy with the final result after my son and I finished building it, and finally were able to admire it.  What a set, and hopefully lego makes more like this in the future.