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70818-1: Double-Decker Couch

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Review from: Timbuktu
Reviewed on: May 3, 2015
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Watching the Lego Movie was what got me back into Legos--and seeing this set with my favorite character, Emmet, and my favorite Lego furniture of all time, the double decker couch--this set was just what I was looking for to not only relive the movie, but also for nostaligia's sake, since I have always been a fan of Legos but hadn't actually built any in ten years. 


This set comes with four characters, five if you count Unikitty. You get Emmet, Vitruvius, '80s space guy (with a pre "broken" helmet), and ironically Lord Business, who in my mind has no business in this set, but I'll get to that later. These characters are specific to the movie, and I was surprised by how many characters you get in such a cheap set.

The colors and parts for the couch are also very specific--I've never seen that shade of blue before on a lego, so right there I know that's unique. And because it is a double decker, it uses the rafter pieces so it's different than any other Lego couches you might find in its design. 

The only downside to this is that they give you Lord Business and not Wyldstyle, which makes no sense because in this scene she is on the couch with them. So there's that contradiction which means you have to now go out and try to find her character separately from this set, so it's kind of annoying. Having Lord business is okay, but he was a terrible choice for this set, and I think Lego knew that when they made the set.


Because this was my first build in forever, it was especially fun. We first put all the characters together, with Unikitty being especially annoying to put together and keep together. Otherwise there are a lot of accessories for the characters to hold, such as a waffle, hot dog, and Morgan Freeman's staff, parts thtat are specific to the movie. 

After the characters we started on building the car, sans instruction book and just going by the pictures on the box. It went well--after three times of completely diassembling it to try over again. After finishing we checked the book and found we had only missed two pieces in building it, so the car's easy to do without much instruction, it's your average Lego car.

The couch however, was not so simple. Again we went without the instructions, but this time it was impossible once we got to building the back, so inevitably we gave up and opened the book, only to find that we had completely messed it up. But once we followed the instructions it went by fairliy quickly and the end product was amazing and a lot bigger than I expected from such a small box. 

Playability-wise there isn't much to mention, the most fun comes out of building it and looking at it on your window sill.


For five characters, all the main characters of the Lego movie, with a couch that's an icon and uniquely distinctive from the movie, it's a good buy--$14.99 at Target. 

You are mostly paying for the name and for the characters, since there are only 180 some pieces. What you could do if you wanted would be to sell characters you don't want or have duplicates of--it's a cheap way of getting the characters instead of going by luck in getting those random packs (which I have never been able to find in any of the stores here). 

You could also sell the couch by itself, since it's still an important part of the movie, especially to someone who already owns all the characters sold in this set. 


The Lego movie is popular, mostly among kids. Perhaps when they get older and want to collect sets from this theme, they will want to have it. Also when the sequel releases in three years, there will probably be a revival of the theme and this set will be a part of the wave of people wanting to collect the sets for the whole Lego movie set. 


I think I've seen this in every major retail store, and there's no apparent shortage of them so right now no one is going out and looking for a used set, theyr'e buying them new, which means there's a lot of them out there that people own, and because the current value is so low, the outlook for the near future doesn't seem to bode well because of their affordability. Being under $20 has its advantages, but from a collector's perspective, it might be a long time until this set starts to gain value.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The box is the regular Lego Movie theme, so it just sort of blends in with the rest of them. What stands out is that the focus is mostly on the characters. The box itself is small and mine tore a bit when I opened it up, so the quality is low but then again, you have to remember this is a small, cheap set.

The images are very good and they definitely grab your attention from the crowd of other Lego Movie sets, and besides the Spaceship set, this is really the only set I actually want to own, or at least pay full price for. I wasn't impressed by all the car/plane chase sets, my main interest was in getting the characters from the movie just to have them, and this set does just that by placing them all on the cover. 


With a set like this with the supply and demand so high, it's likely most people that want this set will have already bought it well before it rertires. It might take many years for this to become a full-fledged collectable, but for now it's just a cool set to have if you love the movie, and one of the best of them.


I have mine on my window sill, it looks great and is the icon image for the entire Lego Movie, so it is a must have. And because there are so many seats and ladders for them to hang onto, you can put any characters you like on it, so in that way you can personalize the set. People who have watched the movie will automatically know what it is and it's a great piece to display. 



  • Lots of characters for such a low price
  • Great value for money
  • Parts and colored bricks that are specific to the movie theme
  • The icon of the movie
  • One of the top Lego Movie sets, the best out of the cheaper ones
  • Customizable with adding any characters 
  • Great display piece


    Very commonCheap, so everyone who wants has the setThe car doesn't really fit with the themePackaging is cheap, be careful opening the boxWon't gain value anytime soon