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75052-1: Mos Eisley Cantina

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Review from: Timbuktu
Reviewed on: May 3, 2015
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First impression was as good as a first impression can get. I haven't collected or built with Legos in at least ten years, and after seeing this set it got me back into it all over again. Arguably one of the best scenes in Star Wars (at least in Episode IV), it definitely has the nostalgia factor going for it with the image of the old, desert-worn Landspeeder, the mounted Stormtrooper patrol, and the Cantina itself, with the ever-playing Cantina Band and Han and Greedo just hanging out in the background.

It's all there--almost. When I think of the Cantina I think of all the aliens that speak in their indecipherable languages with eyes as bright as headlights. I also think of the massive size of the bar, with all the pipes and smoke and whatnot. This does capture that in the sense that it's recognizeable, and I know it's just a Lego set but it's missing that sense of diversity and kind of just feels a bit empty without other characters to have standing around.

But back to first impressions, the box art was great in that it captured the essence of the scene, and for me that's more than enough. And the quality of the box seemed better than I remember them being, so extra points there. And yes, after I had seen this set, it only took maybe a week until I ended up with it in the backseat of my truck.


The main selling point here is that there are so many characters, and if you include the green Tatooine oxen, then there are nine characters in all. They all have a new look to them, mostly the Stormtrooper, whose armor is sandworn and very meticulously detailed. The only downside to that is that there is only one Stormtrooper, and he doesn't have the orange shoulder pad, instead it's black. All the Sandtroopers  I rermember had the orange so it was kind of a let down there, but otherwise the figure looks amazing for a Lego.

From there you get Luke and Obi-Wan revamped with more detailed legs, and Luke gets a '70s makeover with his weird hairdo. My problem with them (and Han) is that they have two different facial expression on either side--and I've noticed this on another set I recently bought, so it must be something Lego is doing now--but I'm not a big fan, I prefer the old yellow heads, but that's probably just me.

Anyways, the main characters here are the musicians and of course the green ox, who I myself haven't seen before in a set, so they're something to think about when considering this set because where else are you going to get your own personal jukebox trio? Or a ferocious yet docile looking green guy that just wants to go roam the desert? Han and Greedo are there too, but Greedo would be the more exclusive of the two, and they did a good job on his head. 

Overall, yes, this set does have enough and a good quality of characters--that was one of the reasons I was drawn to this set. I would say for the price, it's got a good amount of characters, especcialy ones you can't get in any other set. 


I might just be biased since this was my first (technically second if you count the Double Decker Couch) major build in years, so I think a lot of it was the nostalgia of all the fresh new parts, putting the characters together slowly, and sifting through a pile of bricks to find one of those little bottle top pieces. But it's definitely more than that, they really went all out in color choice, because it feels true to the movie in that they have mismatched patterns--especially on the Landspeeder--that makes it feel more unique than if it were just solid colored.

This also might be because it's been awhile, and I was also taking my time, but it took me about three hours to complete this set. I forgot how long it actually takes to build these things, how small the Legos actually are. But the instructions were very nice, they were divided into two booklets and there were five bags numbered so it was easy to keep track of what parts were for building what thing. I don't remember it going that into detail, so it was a lot easier than if all the parts were in a single bag and having to go through all of them at once. 

It was fun, too. the Landspeeder I think is the most satisfying to build because once you get to the point where you can see it taking shape and you put the seats and the steering wheel in, with the sharp maroon and orange colors, I think it looks better than in the movie. And there's little pads underneath so you can push it on the carpet. 

The Cantina itself was what took the longest--since it had so many components--and it gets to a point where you're left wondering how everything you're assembling is going to turn out into a building, but it pays off. It's very intricate with little table, chairs, and even drinks are scattered around to set the mood. And the whole thing moves, too. You can have it open, like it's pictured on the box, or you can close it so that it's more compact, which is less appealing. But there's a door that opens and it's more than I expected in that way. Where it fell short was the size. I think it could've been at least twice the size of what it actually is so that you could actually connect the whole thing and make it enclosed. It's a great display even so, and despite being small it is very satisfying when you are done with it all.


This set is a bargain--at least it is right now. In the store, it's $69.99, but if you look at Target's website it's listed for only $55.99, so what you want to do is take it to the customer service desk and they'll take the 15 or so dollars off and I felt at that price it was justifiable buying this set. I would not have paid the full price because I am paying for college and drive a 14mpg gas guzzler, so it was between this and clohtes, and this won.

For this price then I would only recommrend buying it--don't pay the full price. Everywhere I looked I see that it's been going on sale, and to me that's a sign that this set might be going away soon, so the best time is to buy it now. Especially with this new Star Wars movie coming out at the end of the year, I think in the time leading up to the film they will all be sold out. And with that in mind, it's important to think of how much this set would be worth if there is another Cantina scene in the new movie. Just something to think about here. 

It's a classic and a good buy. Good even for someone with a caviar taste on a sardine budget.  


I think I just said all this in the last tab, but I'll reiterate. It's a good set and I think as time goes by, this set in particular will stand out to collectors down the line. For one it's Star Wars, and I think that's enough said. It's also from the Original Trilogy which I feel holds it's own special value. And even for those who aren't big Star Wars fans, this scene is usually the first thing they associate with the series. 


I've seen this set in multiple stores, including Amazon, so it's really not that uncommon. What sets it apart from the rest of the Star Wars sets is the $69.99 price tag. But like I said, with the new clearance price, I think they will start to sell even more quickly now as they try to get rid of them for new shelf space. 

One of the main reasons I bought this too was because I was afraid they would sell out--there were only two sets left at my local Target. I think it's something to think about when considering this set is that there actually aren't that many left, at least not for long. If they are on sale I feel like production might have stopped--it's been about a year now.

PACKAGING | Score: 8

I also spoke to this earlier, but yes the box is of the highest quality I have ever owned in a Lego set. It feels tough and thick but also special. The photographs of the actual set on the front and back were the best part. I don't like the Darth Vader at the top of the box though, they should have made it more similar to the set. And all the lava looking stuff just made me think of Revenge of the Sith's last scene, it just didn't fit with the theme of this particular set.

One more thing to note is the annoying amount of character boxes showing each of the characters. It's nice once, not three times all over the edges of the box. And all of them had "New" next to each of them which defeated the purpose. Just say New charavters once, not beside each of their pictures. 

Overall though, the box itself is very nice and glossed, something that even a kid would want to keep from throwing away.


I have a feeling once this set is retired, coupled with the new Star Wars trilogy coming out, this set will appeal to a new line of fans, both of Lego and Star Wars. It's only been made once before, so it will probably be a while if they actually ever make another Cantina set. Remember, with the new movies coming out, they will get all the attention of the Lego sets being made, so the Original series will soon be taking yet another backset to this third trilogy. 


I have yet to actually display it, but when I built it, it looked great and it was a matter of putting the right characters in the right place. Might be a bit big for an office desk, but if you're like me and don't really care, then go for it. It's iconic and it looks amazing and will most definitely get comments. 


Great set for a great buy. Definitely would recommend, despite all the minor discrepincies I've noted, it's a stellar set and adds a lot to the Star Wars theme sets. One of the most iconic I've ever seen and owned. If you're a fan of the Original Trilogy, if Tatooine is your favorite planet, or you just like detailed Stormtroopers, then this set is for you.