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75052-1: Mos Eisley Cantina

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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
Review from: fossilrock
Reviewed on: Mar 28, 2015
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The first impression of this set is that it's going to be extremely awesome.  The box art sells it alone - you have a Stormtrooper on a dewback, the Cantina, the Bith Musicians, a Landspeeder with Luke and Obi Wan, and then Greedo and Han.  Basically, this set gives you all the main important SW characters from the classic Cantina scene (ok minus a wookie, and a few droids).  This set screams buy and build it, and will definitely spur on some nostalgic childhood memories for those that grew up in the 70s and 80s and had a strong attachment to the original films.  However, this set is not perfect.  I rank it highly as a playset, but not so highly as a great "build".  While it comes jam packed with mini figures, a decent vehicle, and a dewback, the building itself is almost too small and feels a little bit incomplete after you finish it. 


This set has great minifigures, and a good maxifigure.  If i'm spending 70.00, I sort of want at least 7 figures in the set (1 minifigure in a set for every 10.00 spent), along with some big creature, and this one has that.  In fact, these sets have to be looked strictly as playsets, and this is one of the better playsets made in the Lego Star Wars universe.  You get a lot jampacked into the box.  Only the Dewback and the Bith musicians are exclusive to the set.  You also get a new mold of Greedo, and what I believe is the 25th version of Obi Wan Kenobi.  Luke can be found in a few other sets, and Han is in many other sets too.  The Sandtrooper can be found in Droid Escape.


Ok, I sort of wish playability and build were seperated in this case, because the playability of this set is very high.  Kids are going to play with this set, and you basically have all you need to re-enact the cantina scens from "A New Hope".  Granted, I think if you  have the Droid Escape set from a few years ago, you have all that you need for this scene, as that set would add C3PO, R2, and a few more Sandtroopers to complete the "These aren't the droids your looking for" sequence as they go into the Cantina to find a pilot to fly them across space.  Sure, you might be missing a plethora of aliens, and a bartender, but they aren't crucial.  So, in terms of a playset this set rocks!  They give you practically everything you need to set it up.  And if you have an old version of luke, and some generic minifigure from a city envrionment you can basically recreate a bartender fairly simply. 

As for the build itself, I rank it much lower.  My biggest knock on this set is that the building itself needed another layer of bricks to make it a touch bit higher.  When you go to close everything back up, the Bith musicians don't really fit into the tight space, and the poor aliens head will hit the archway unles you tweak it. I wish they made this just a few bricks wider and taller, it would have fit better and made this a perfect set.  Would this small change have added to the cost?  Yes, definitely, but I think i'd have rather them made a bigger cantina set.  Another idea, after building it was that they could have made this with an another set that was a modular that  attached to the main set (el similar to Helms Deep + Uruk-hai Army, or Dol Guldur Ambush + Dol Guldur Battle).  That would have also given Lego an avenue to load up more cantina aliens for this scene.


I think this has good value for the money.  It meets my 1 minifigure for every 10.00 spent criteria, and contains not only 7 minifigures, a maxifigure, but also a landspeeder (perhaps the best landspeeder made yet) and the cantina building.  It works for 69.99. 


Let's just say this set is from one of the most classic scenes in one of the most classic films in cinematic history.  You can't beat original trilogy sets, when they are done well.


This set is not that exclusive, nor hard to find.  This set was very common from it's release date, and could be found with relative ease from August 2014 uup until the end of winter.  It seems that it is becoming more scarce and harder to locate in some stores, but i'd expect this one to be around for some time.  If you find it at a discount, it's worth picking up.

PACKAGING | Score: 9

I love the box art for this one.  In my opinion, i's one of the best lego scenes done on a box and truly sells the playset. 


I do think there is good growth potential for this one.  The summer 2014 Star Wars wave was very heavy with Original Trilogy sets and contained some of the best ones made yet from the original films.  While many of the sets like the AT-AT, Snowspeeder, B-wing and Imperial Star Destroyer have had multiple comparable remakes, the Cantina scene was only made once before, and this is a much better set than the original version.  It's not even a fair comparisson to be honest.   While they could make another landspeeder again, which they seem to redo every few years, I think the Cantina will not see a remake anytime soon.  Although, it would be nice to see a "cantina minifigure battle pack" or something of that nature to add to this one.  Basically a mini modular scene to fit with this one.

With that said, I think this one has the best potential for growth out of the 2014 SW Summer wave.  While this set is definitely not rare, nor exclusive, and could be found in most stores from August 2014 well into the Winter, it's starting to become more and more scarce.  If you can find this at a discount, i'd definitely consider investing in it.  I suspect by late fall into early winter this one will start to dry up at retail outlets, and then we will begin to see it rise in value.  I do think it will perform well and wouldn't be shocked to see this 2x to 3x it's value in a few years.  While the set itself isn't perfect, the scene and what you get from the box is very satisfying.  Kids will surely play with this, and adults will be hooked by the nostalgia factor. 

These will more than likely be found at discounts throughout the summer of 2015, so it's very much worth picking up, and definitely worth picking up to invest in if you can find them below MSRP.


I think it displays nicely, althoug the cantina is a little small.  It definitely looks better when it's opened up and you have all the characters in the scene.   When it's folded and compact, it still looks decent.  The dewback with the Stormtrooper is very nice, and perhaps the best display feature from the set.  Overall, it's worth having this set. 


Overall, this is a great set from the 2014 Summer wave that contained many great Original Trilogy sets.  This is one of the more unique sets from that wave, and is a fun playset with a lot of playability.  Toss in the nostalgia factor, and this one has a lot going for it.  This set is very minifigure heavy, and contains most of the key characters from the Cantina scene.  Sure, some knock it for not containing the bartender, or more aliens, but I can't knock it for that.  My guess is they didn't put a bartender in this scene for obvious reasons, since this is a kids playset.  But overall, you get a lot of key components for this playset, and it's very well done. 

My biggest knock is that the cantina is a little small, and would have been better with an added layer of bricks along the walls.  But the Cantina itself looks authentic and straight out of the film. 

Finally, I think this is a great set, with great value, and definitely good investment potential.  I wouldnt be shocked to see this one go up in value over the next few years as it dries out of retail stores.