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75040-1: General Grievous' Wheel Bike

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Review from: fossilrock
Reviewed on: Mar 24, 2015
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The Star Wars winter wave of 2014 brought many unique Star Wars prequel vehicles into the mix, and out of all of them, this one ranks as my favorite.   It's not an expensive set, in fact, excluding the battle packs it's one of the cheapest sets from the winter wave.  But, don't let that be a drawback.  When you put this set together, you are instantly intriqued by the design and overall sturdyness of the build.  I like unique interesting designs that require some technical aspects that make a set unique and different, and this one has that.  I think when you finish the wheel bike, and collapse the legs so you can move it around like in the movie you'll be impressed by the unique design and resourceful engineering that went into this small, but awesome set.  To compare this set to others with comparable amount of pieces and price points, I can only think of the landspeeders, the corporate alliance tank droid, and perhaps the desert skiff, and this set is more fun and more interesting than those when you compare them side by side.  This set is just a little gem of plastic engineering.. 


Not many unique parts here.  Some will be attracted to the General Grievous minifigure, and some might be attracted to the plastic wheel that comes with the set, especially if they were building something like a giant tank or a massive vehicle that required a clear wheel rim.  So, while the parts aren't very unique, what is unique is the set itself. It looks, and feels like nothing else in the Star wars line.  In fact, few lego sets look and function like this one when they are completed, and that's the best part with this one.

The Obi-wan figure that comes with this set is nice, but overall he's in a lot of sets, and I don't think many will be attracted to the set because of a ROTS vartiation of Obi-wan.  Many might be attracted to the General Grievous minifigure.  Overall it's a nice minifigure, although, if I were to be a little critical, the arms on Grievous are a little odd, and I wish there were more pivots involved in his arms (maybe the next variation in 5 to 10 year).  While he fits on the bike nicely, you have to pose him a certain way.   I also wish he would have had a cape, but I guess it would have been tough putting him on the bike, so I can understand why they left it out. In order to fit Grievous on the wheel bike, you pretty much have to remove the lightsabers, and set them aside somewhere.  Which is no big deal. 

Many also wanted the Boga, that strange looking alien lizard that Obi-wan rides, but that would probably have pushed the price up on this set by 10 to 15.00, so i'm ok with what they did for the price.  That Boga was a bit annoying, if you ask me.  But, I can see the Boga adding to the playability, not detracting from it, if it were included


The bike itself is fun!  While, my son plays with this set occasionally, I find myself intriqued by it.  

The build itself was very fun.  It's more like building a technic set.  The ball joints that they used to support the legs was a pretty awesome and well thought-out design.  It allows you to quickly maneuvour the legs into "vehicle mode" and then quickly transform it back into a standing position.  It's very easy to maneuver the vehicle, and even if you are a little rough with the play, pieces stay on the bike, and don't come busting off, which to me is a hat tip to the designers of this set.  The use of the ball joints and pins to hold together the legs is quite solid .  The design of the piece is fairly simple, as it's main frame is mostly a single wheel with a single axle pin.  But, from this single axle is where things get a little more complex, as the axel fills out both sides with a technic build that contains more pins that allows for a bike seat with two legs on one side, and a torret gun with two legs on the other side.  It's truly a quirky looking vehicle when finished, and the design of this vehicle is just awesome and unique.  Transforming and posing it between "stand mode" and "vehicle mode" is quite fun after you finish building the set.  You can pose it in many different ways that make it fun to display.


Great value for the money.  A bit over 20 US dollars, and you get a pretty solid little vehicle.  As I stated above, similar vehicles with similar price points don't function or have the playability when compared to this one.  This set has a lot going for it, when you take into the price and what it can do.  Most lego sets at this price point are just a solid piece of plastic that don't really do anything.  This one feels like you're building a lego star wars version of a transformer.  


It's a prequel set, so don't run from it, but dont exactly embrace it.  General Grievous was an interesting (albeit mostly pointless) character in the movies.  Like Darth Maul and Count Dooku, he appears in the film, creates some havoc, but in the end really doesn't progress the story or add any interesting plot points.  He seemed like he was just a character vehicle to get the "heroes" from point A to Point B in the story.   Regardless of how he was depicted in the films, many of the scenes he was in were fun to watch.   The chase scene from Revenge of the Sith was a great cinematic sequence that had a lot of action, and of course had the Wheel Bike.  With that said, you get a good vehicle from that sequence.  While, this might not be an Original Trilogy set, this set is better than most Original Trilogy sets of comparable piece and price points.  So it does have that going for it.  If the Prequels were used as a vehicle to sell toys, like many say, well then this General Greivous Wheel Bike was a winner because that sequence made me dole some cash out to buy and build one and save a few for a rainy day.


This set is not very exclusive.  It's been out for over a year, and can easily be found in many stores.  However, that doesn't mean by 2016 youll still be able to find this in stores.  More than likely it will be clearanced by then, and that's when this sets true value to the consumer and collector community will be seen.  When you look at the most action packed scenes from the prequels that contained the "seperatist bad guys" and their vehicles, to me the Wheel Bike sequence with General Grievous, and the Slave 1 sequence with Jango Fett were the two best and most interesting.  

PACKAGING | Score: 6

Thte packaging on this one is a little weird.  I'm not a giant fan of the box art, but I guess it could be worse. But it surely could be much better. 


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that by 2018 this set could be at 300% of its retail if they dont come back and remake this one over and over and over.  I think this set could be safe from a continual remake, since the SW universe is about to expand by six films over the next six years.  So, while better more interesting vehicles are surely going to come out of those movies, this one will always remain one of those "they nailed it sets" in my book.   Yes, they could do a large UCS version of this wheel bike, but for a smaller playset, there's very little they could improve on when you look at how well they did with this one, in my opinion.  Sure they could flush it out by a hundred pieces, and maybe make the wheel base bigger, but to me I think it's fine as it is.  This set is just a nice overall solid piece.  This General Grievous Wheel Bike is fairly well depicted, and looks remarkably close to the metal machine in the movies.  Considering what lego did with this set, i'd say this has moderate "sleeper potential".  While it's surely not going to take the world by storm, I do think it has some potential.  


I think this set is a great one to display.  Engineers, designers, and fans of quirky odd plastic marvels will cherish this set for it's uniqueness and overall interesting functionality.  This is NOT a UCS set.  This is not even a big awesome playset.  It's a small awesome playset, which makes it worth at least having for your kids to play with.  I also think those that like weird but solid designs will be intirqued by the uniqueness of this set.  No other Star Wars set (or many other sets from other lines) are like this one.


Buy this set, and build it, because youll have some fun with it.  But, be cautious of heavily investing in it... although, you may be caught off guard if this set isn't remade in a while and it goes up in value as it goes EOL.  I dont think having a few of them would hurt, but having many of them might.  This set is just an oddball and could go either way..