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Review from: fossilrock
Reviewed on: Mar 23, 2015
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Overall, this is one of the best Star Wars sets created from the Preque films.  This ship was one of the more interesting vehicles from the prequel movies, and Lego did a great job on this version.  The Republic Gunship is a very sturdy build, with great playability, great display value, and comes with solid amount of minifigures.  Since you get 3 of the key main characters, along with a few exclusive clones, that will make this set appeal to many people.   I tend to believe this set is going to have great investment potential too.  While the other republic gunships were very similar, this one is by far the best of the 3, and it also directly from the films, and not a tv series variant. 


Out of all the Summer 2013 waves, this is by far the most interesting set in my book.  While the set itself has a few pieces exclusive to this set, there are a lot of dark red pieces that are hard to come by and that may attract a few people to the parts.  Overall, this set has many unique minifigures, as you get Attack of the Clone variations of Padme, Anakin, and Obi-wan that aren't in other sets.  The Clone Trooper Pilot and Clone Trooper Captains are also completely unique to this set, and may be attractive to minifigure collectors. 

Although, with this set, you are  going to want to at least get two battle packs of the clone troopers vs droidekas set so that you can add the clones to your gunship.  There are 6 spots for clones, and only 2 come with the set.  Sure, you can place Anakin, or Obi in the turrets, but that's not really authentic.  Or if you get a Homing Spider Droid and Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (for Geonosis Battle scenes), you can obtain two more clones from those sets to add into the gunship.  So with that said, you almost are forced to buy a couple of the clone troopers vs droideka battle packs to fill in the gunship with clones.

While the minifigures are a draw, i'd say the ship itself is what really makes this set stand out.


First, the build is absolutely a blast to put together.  There are 9 bags in the set, and overall it's not overly complex, but still has a great technic build to it that makes it feel like you are getting a very complex and unique set.  In fact, there is very little on this set that i'd knock.  The only parts that might be a little flimsy are the two turret guns that come out from the sides of the vehicles, and some of the upper thrust exhaust ports probably should have had longer pins instead of the design they used by putting 3 pins pieced together.  But, those are minor aspects, and don't really affect the overall incredibly solid build that this thing produces when you are finished with it.  This build has a nice mix of technical features, and the wings, as well as the frame are very well built to where it's going to take a lot to break them apart.   

This ship has great playability too.  My young boy plays with this quite a bit, and it's one of his favorites.  He tends to enjoy the prequels more than the OT films, and the Gunship is the most iconic ship from the movies, so it gets a lot of use in our household.  I will say, young kids might find this set a little hard to play with, because it is a bit bulky and requires them to pull out a pin to hold it while they move it.  But older kids will love it.  This is one of those sets where they will find themselves transporting clones/heroes around the room for hours as they battle droids, and seperatist vehicles.


I tend to be somewhat critical of many of the Star Wars sets.  Few of them really amaze me when they are complete.  However, this is one where I was instantly satisfied with after it was built.  It was worth every penny we spent on it. 


One aspect is this is from the prequel movies, so that knocks it down a little bit.  The battle of Geonosis was perhaps the best aspect about the Prequel films, and the Republic Gunship was a key part of that sequence.  So, with that it's hard to go wrong with this purchase, because you are getting perhaps one of the best vehicles created for the prequel films.  When you look at all the sets made for the prequels, this set ranks first in my book, followed by the MTT. 


While not limited in production, since it retailed at 119.99 US, there are not as many of these out there as there are other sets with lower price points.  These sort of sets do tend to hold thier value.

PACKAGING | Score: 9

I personally like the packaging.  I think the 2013 sets had great packaging with the green backing and Yoda.


Out of the three prequel films, there are a few vehicles that stand out - my favorites are the MTT, and this version of the Republic Gunship.  Are they as iconic as a "X-wing" or a "Millenium Falcon"  Not really.  But, they hold their own.  I think the Republic Gunship is a solid investment, with this version of the gunship being the most solid out of all of them.  Overall, I think those that hold this for some time, will be rewarded.  With the new movies coming out, is Lego going to focus on remaking prequel sets at the same level they were over the past few years?  I doubt it.  We might not see another republic gunship for quite some time, so this one will go up.  I really think those that hold this until 2017 will do well. 


This set is quite large and takes up quite a lot of space, but it commands attention when you see it lined up with other sets.  It's hard not to appreciate the scale and unique look. 


As i've stated, this is a great set, and perhaps the best of the prequel sets from Lego.  Buy it, and you won't regret it.  Invest in it too, and you won't regret that either.