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10234-1: Sydney Opera House

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 10
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 8.00
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  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
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  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 9.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 9.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 10
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
Review from: Adieec
Reviewed on: Jan 6, 2015
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Having back packed around Australia as a young man this set appealed massively to me. I was very excited about getting hold of one, so much so I broke every investment rule in the book and paid retail for it - but hey, that just shows how much I wanted it. I then opened it and didn't even flinch at the fact I'd probably decreased its value by 25%, quite frankly I didn't care, it is one of the most iconic and original pieces of architecture in the world. The packaging is nicely presented and It looked like it was going to be a fun build.


No mini figures will immediately disuade some investors and over all most of the pieces are readily available however there is a large quantity of dark tan pieces and a large 48x48 blue base plate which may appeal to MOCs. That said there was one pleasant surprise. There are over 200 dark tinted transparent bricks which are very cool. Of these there are 25 1x2x5 bricks and 8  3x8x2 bow pieces (4 left curve, 4 right curve) and a white 3x3 indented corner brick which are unique to this set. There are also nearly 70 3x8x2 white bows which are used to build the roof and a couple of quarter circle 6x6 and 10x10 black roof bricks. Given that this set is just short of 3,000 pieces around 10% of these are unique or very very rare (i.e. only in two or three other sets). Originally the lack of mini figures made me rate this a 7/10 but given how good the transparent brown bricks are I've gone for 8 - MOC's will not be disappointed.


I loved building this. Some of the design is genial and although an experienced builder will find this relatively straight forward to put together there are lots of new techniques and cleverly engineered stages. At times I found myself stopping to ask myself 'Who actually came up with this?' Like the original building itself it's is a masterpiece of beauty and ingenuity. to place this in context, it does not suffer from the constant repetition of Tower Bridge and I took a break from the Opera House to build the Haunted House (10228) which was no way near as much fun to build. That said, the Opera House is a display piece and therefore no way near as fun to play with. Once built and on display though people will notice it and I promise you they'll want one too!


This is a tough one. It ain't cheap. For a little more I could have bought the Death Star and for around 20% less I could have picked up the Ewok Village or even another Tower Bridge (which has over 1000 more pieces!!). Star Wars seems to hold its value well and with all the mini figures in each of those sets there is a little more reassurance that you can get some of that investment back. Tower Bridge on the other hand may have more pieces but there is a lot of repitition (like the 200 1x1 roof tiles). It is expensive, especially for a display item (and be warned, it's not easy finding a display cabinet deep enough for this beast) but I think this may actually help with its value over time. After all, not many people will shell out this kind of money for a one off display build so there may be fewer sets about in years to come. Will it do as well as the Taj Mahal? Only time will tell.


Everyone who's seen this set built loves it. That doesn't mean that everyone wants to buy it though. I had a quick look around on other sites and it does appear to be quite sought after with twice as many people wanting one than actually owning one but the same can be said of an Aston Martin, I mean, who wouldn't want one of those? If they were giving them away everyone would want this set but how many people are willing to put their money where there mouth is? These expert builds do hold a lot of appeal with AFOLs and given Australia's popularity with backpackers and tourists nostalgia may come in to play here (after all, that's what pushed me to buy it). It may not have the huge following that some of the movie franchise sets or modulars enjoy but there is a steadily growing market out there for these showpieces and I don't think the Expert market is going to be as saturated with investors buying up stock as the more common themes.


I've already said quite a few times this isn't a cheap set, but that could be its greatest asset. The price really limits the number of retailers who will be willing to have this sat on a shelf and there won't be many investors willing to take a punt on this and buy up several sets for a rainy day. If you want an idea about how exclusive it is this set has been out for over a year and this is the first review anyone's written on it.

PACKAGING | Score: 9

Nice strong box, well packaged (two build stages are in a seprate white box inside) with a nice Sydney Harbour back ground.  Good colour but nothing special. It's a big heavy thing though. Has a more grown up and sophisticated feel to it so you don't feel like you've just purchased a  children's toy which is not the case with some of the minifigure sets.


This is a really hard call. There won't be many people holding on to these and there are a lot of people who probably want this but won't be able to justify the purchase before it goes EOL. I have one set and I have no intention of selling it - it's my Lego show stopper, but if the performance of the Taj Mahal or Statue of Liberty are anything to go by then this could be one to watch. I think you'd definitely get a return but I'd hate to say how much. If I could I would have bought two. If you can only stretch to buying one I'd say go for it because if it doesn't reach the heights of those other two you can always console yourself by opening it up and building it yourself - it's worth waiting for.


Its a head turner. I have Diagon Alley in the display cabinet below it and Tower Bridge above it. I don't even notice they're there. Like I say perhaps it's nostalgia but it's currently snuck above the wife and kids as my favourite thing to look at in my house. It's also the first set I've had my photo taken with (I know, I know, we should get a room).  


If I had to sell everything off to settle my debts with the mob you'd probably find me years later living rough down some alley way, a kidney down, eating Mr Fido dog food with half a plastic spoon and smelling like the underside of a public urinal but I'd still be clutching on to my Sydney Opera House - it's that good!!!