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41032-1: First Aid Jungle Bike

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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 5.00
Review from: coldraught
Reviewed on: Oct 12, 2014
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The set looks pretty nice, overall, but there's not a whole lot to it.   Compared to many of the other Friends sets, this one is just sort of there.  The main feature is really the bike with the sidecar and that's what the main selling point and collecting point will be.  Otherwise, there's not much to it that really draws your eye.   


The motorcycle shell and the mudguard for the side car are the main collectible parts.  This is the only set that these two parts in this color are in  The plant parts, while not unique, are also in this and the larger palm fronds are not in a huge amount of sets.  The monkey figure is also in this set, and at this time, it is only in two other sets.  This will add a bit of value.   There is also the medical bag and the syringe.  These are only in a few other sets and there are different colors of the syringe, however, this is the least expensive set to get this in.

One other piece that's not exactly rare, but also isn't seen that often is a medium gray 2X4 slope piece.  It appears in several sets, but this is the lowest priced set that is currently on the market where you can get it. 

The minifigure of Emma is in this set and her torso is unique while the legs are only in one other set.  

The main collectible part really is the motorcycle and the mudguard used in the sidecar.  On the aftermarket, these will go up in value especially as this set retires.



The motorcycle allows for a bit of playability in this, and it's a type that would easily cross over from the directed female side of the Friends crowd to the boys' side.  I'm sure many boys would enjoy playing with the motorcycle with or without the side car.   The motorcycle will work with the minifigures as well as the minidolls and the minifigures have hands that will move to actually grasp the handlebars.

The rest of the set has some playability built in as well.  There's a bar for the monkey to swing from, which is nice.  There's also a "trap" kind of feature that will dump 1X1 bricks on the poor monkey as well.  I'm not really sure why there's a door on the set, but it does allow for a way for the monkey to escape if the bricks come tumbling down.

If the monkey doesn't make it out and gets covered with the bricks, Emma's motorcycle has a shovel so she can try to dig him out.

For the size of the set, this does have a decent amount of playability. 


This set does have a pretty decent value.  It has one minifigure, one animal figure, and few special pieces in the motorcycle.  There are 156 pieces, so even at the retail price of 14.99 it comes in a 9.6 cents a piece. Add in the minifigure and the animal and the motorcycle frame and bezel and it makes this a decent priced buy.  

There aren't many other pieces that will garner much in the separate piece market, especially in that this is kind of an odd Friends set that doesn't have very many pastel colors in it.


Friends is very popular.  And Friends Jungle theme is very popular as well.   This puts this set in the must have category for many people.   This set should do rather well in the long term as it's rather inexpensive now and, if other Friends sets are any indication, it will go up in value once it's retired.


This set can easily be found at just about any place that has the Friends sets - from Target to Walmart to any Lego store.

PACKAGING | Score: 5

This is the standard paperboard box with the push hinge opener. 

The packaging looks like just about any other Friends set with a very colorful picture of the full model on the front, complete with the falling bricks that are about to land on the poor monkey. The back has several photos demonstratng the different parts of the model as well as pictures of the other Friends characters. 

Nothing special, but nicely done just the same.


With the popularity of the Friends sets and the popularity of the jungle theme within Friends, this should do rather well.  I don't see it doing as well as the other sets in the theme, only because this is the smallest set in the theme and it doesn't seem to really contain as much fun in the model as the others.  However, it should do well because of being part of a very popular subtheme within a very popular theme of Lego.


There's not much of a model to display in this set.  It's not a very exciting model or anything you'd look at and go "wow, neat" at.  There's a tree and a rocky cliff thing.  That's about it.   And the motorcycle, of course.


This is kind of a confusing set, overall.  Maybe because it seems like it's a crossover type of set in that it seems to be designed to try to bring boys into playing with the Friends line.   It doesn't have as many colors as the other Friends sets, and it seems to have a more actiony violent style of trap that would be part of a boys line of toys.  There is some of the details that the Friends line is well known and appreciated for.

Overall, it's not my favorite set in the line.  It is one that will still do well in the retirement market, though, because it's part of the jungle line of sets.

If you find this on sale, grab it.