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10221-1: Super Star Destroyer

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Review from: redghostx
Reviewed on: Oct 5, 2014
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I had not seen the 10221 Super Star Destroyer displayed prior to purchasing it so my thoughts are based on looking at, and holding, the box.  The box art is nice but unremarkable; it is definitely not at the artistic level of previous UCS sets.  I noted that the box contained a nice depiction of the length of the set and the minifigures included.  My impression changed when I first held the box - I just felt that there was something special waiting to be built.


The Super Star Destroyer has no unique parts and the only rare piece is the yellow technic bracket for the interior.  The set includes 5 minifigures and 3 of those are exclusive to this set.

The included minifigures are:

Admiral Piett - exclusive

Bossk - in one other set

Darth Vader - this version is in two additional sets

Dengar - exclusive

and the IG-88 Droid - exclusive

A quick search shows that while the minifgures do add significant value to the set, they should not be a determining factor in whether you own the set or not.


The 10221 Super Star Destroyer is not a toy and has little playability.  I say that about all of my sets, but in this case it is true (except when throwing it at a Death Star).

The build experience is special:

Bottom Hull - Bag 1 - The build starts with the bottom hull of the vessel and after a few minutes it is over 3 feet long.  There are a few steps where the builder is required to turn the hull over to add a brace but the design is solid and there is no fear of the set breaking apart. Of course, there is some repetition but the designers satisfactorily varied the pieces used and sections built to prevent boredom.  It is reasonable to expect to build the bottom hull in one session as it is not too complicated.

Inner Frame - Bag 2 - This is similar to building the frame of the 6211 Star Destroyer.  The designers use a SNOT technique and one stud tile jumpers for the bridge and Technic bricks for the length and width braces.  Colored tiles and bricks are added to a few steps and as the builder is primarily working with gray pieces, it is a nice addition.  The port and starboard interior frame sections require a little finesse to secure them to the central frame but after the builder completes this step, he/she can really see the vessel's potential as a model/display

Inner Structure - Bag 3 - There is a lot of repetition in this section and over one hundred 1x1 and 1x2 pieces to add.   Additionally, the bridge section will be built and it requires a little finesse to make it fit but it is the most satisfying part of a boring but necessary section.

Display Stand - Bag 4 - The two stands can be built simultaneously and the designers did an excellent job in creating strong, secure stands for this massive vessel. 

Engines - Bag 5 - A relaxing section to build and once the inverted sections are attached, the remarkable vessel is primarily finished.

Outer Hull Paneling - Bag 6 and 7 - At this point, the builder can see the end result as all that is missing is the paneling representing the extreme outer hull.  The repetition makes this process tedious so consider building these sections earlier (out of order) so that you can simply attach these after building the engines.

This set really comes together nicely with great detail, it is a highly satisfying build that uses a few different methods to keep you engaged with an "I want to finish this" attitude.  That is a trait of a great build experience.


MartinP has an excellent analysis of the value of the set compared to other UCS sets and I recommend that you read his review as it is very thorough.

The price per piece (PPP) is $0.13 (USD) and while that is high, it may be a result of the large panels that Lego used to make the hull and base of the ship.  For example, when you order most 1x1 and 1x2 pieces from Lego, each piece costs between 10 and 15 cents but as the size of the piece increases, the cost significantly increases.  Another thing to consider is that $0.13 per piece is reasonable when considering inflation in the last decade.

This set was seldom discounted so if you wanted it, you paid $400US for the privilege.  It was worse for Canadians as it was only discounted once in 2014 and the retail price was $500 Canadian (between 450-475US depending on the time of the year) before taxes.

I think that the high PPP and the high retail prices will continue to help this set appreciate nicely, particularly for new in box sets.  I hypothesize that in the future, the cheapest method to obtain this set used will be to buy the pieces individually, except for the minifigures.  This negatively impacts the ability to part out this set as the minifigures really don't fit with the greatness of the set and will only be required for those who feel compelled to complete sets.


The Super Star Destroyer checks off all of the important categories:

  • Star Wars
  • Ultimate Collector's Series - the most detailed sets
  • Unique - A massive vessel and Lego is unlikely to rerelease this in the next few years
  • Darth Vader's iconic ship - prominent in the Return of the Jedi movie and in the Star Wars canons


Any Star Wars fan that becomes enamored with Lego will want this ship. Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate fans around and are willing to spend a lot of money on their displays.


In North America, the Super Star Destroyer was only available from the Lego Group and certain big box retailers.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The are no unique marks or designs on the Super Star Destroyer's box.  The parts are sorted into three boxes and this helps with box stability for future shipping.


There are no retired Star Wars sets that have the same retail price as the Super Star Destroyer.  The following table compares the two sets that are most closely related to the Super Star Destroyer.  I will only use August 2014 USA data because the set is still available in other regions.

Year Model Piece Count Retail Price (USD) CAGR Current Price (USD) Current Price ($ per piece)
2002 Imperial Star Destroyer 3096 $298.99 14.55% $1526.93 0.49 New / 0.28 Used
2005 Death Star II 3441 $298.99 19.90% $1530.73 0.44 New / 0.19 Used
2011 Super Star Destroyer 3152 $399.99 17.35% $646.46 0.21 New / 0.16 Used

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for these three sets is similar and I note that the price per piece for these sets is comparable in both new and used versions. 

Disney is committed to releasing new Star Wars movies starting in 2015 and this may positively impact original trilogy Lego Star Wars sets.  As such, It is reasonable to expect to sell this set for over $1,000 in 2016 and it is possible to sell this set for over $1,500 by the end of 2018. 

Another growth factor is how incredible this set looks; when guests visit my house, they are in awe at the set's detail and sheer magnitude.

Please consider that the set retired unannounced in the North American market and a lot of investors and end consumers were unable to get this set and that positively impacts the resale market (I'll get it next month!)


The Super Star Destroyer is an awesome display piece and it is an attractive set that all guests look at with wonder and excitement.

The two stands bring an element of class and add to the general quality of the display. The impressive detail in the engine, drive and hull of the Super Star Destroyer is only overshadowed by the size of the ship. 



A few final points to consider:

The high retail price point greatly helps long term investors by limiting the number of potential sellers and it also helps builders who choose to sell their used sets as there will always be a demand for this ship.

If you are looking to build this in the future, considering buying it now before it continues to appreciate.

Lego has not rereleased a UCS style set and I am confident that this set will not be rereleased before sellers are able to triple their investment.

The North American market is established as the set is retired and rapidly appreciating but the worldwide market still has limited availability.  In particular, investors in Europe and Australia/New Zealand may have to wait longer to realize capital gains.

In conclusion, the Super Star Destroyer is an impressive set with a great opportunity for future profit.