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60026-1: Town Square

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 8.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 10
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 8.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 8.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 8.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 7.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 8.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 7.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
Review from: Neosphinx
Reviewed on: Oct 5, 2014
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So here we have the Town Square. I remember I picked one of these up 7 months ago. It would have been a first new Lego set to review. At that moment, my daughter was born and the case sat there with its box seals cut hidden in a cabinet on the attic.

Recently, I was working up there making a complete asset inventory and found it again. With the seals cut, I decided to go ahead and build it.

My first impression was good. Large city sets are not so common and most of the time on second hand sites you get covered with police HQ's, fire dept HQ and their subsequent vehicles.

The set was released in june 2013 in UK and Europe and in august 2013 in US and Canada. It has around 1000 pieces so it is a pretty big city set. Also, it's primarely designed to be a play set.


9 bags, 5 instruction manuels and a good filled sticker sheet. Already you can see it is a very colorful set and to me, that is inviting. The first impression is more than ok. You seem to get a good bang/buck with this set.

UNIQUE PARTS | Score: 10


60026_minifigsThe minifigures included are pretty common ones. They all have none-printed legs, all variating in the most common lego legs colors. A note here is that you get 2 extra torsos in the bike shop (blue octan and orange jacket) and you also have the statue which could count as a minifigure.

  • Dog: Pretty standard one. Has the black spot on the nose and the rest of the body brown. Very common but an extra dog in the collection is always desirable. It comes with a bone (the kid is holding it) but there is an extra bone provided.
  • The cleaner: Female char. Pretty common entirely. Head and torso seem pretty common. Comes with a red hat with a hole in to accomodate for the headset. You get 1 extra headset in spare parts.
  • The construction worker: Also a pretty common one. Even the head is a pretty common construction worker head. Everyone that has ever opened a construction or train set knows this one (train uniforms sometimes bear the railroad logo in extra but they look alike).
  • Blue overall guy: Very common minifigure, hat is a nice color of orange but it is very common. My least favorite minifigure of the lot.
  • Outgoing  guy: Nothing wrong about this minifig. Common torso, head and hair. A properly dressed one is always a nice asset to a town moc.
  • Outgoing girl: Very nice torso. If you look at the torso, you'll see it is pretty detailed and has some gold in it. Hairdue ofcourse is always nice to add to a collection. Face is pretty common. The torso of this one is probably the least common in the whole set. Therefore also my favorite since I have plenty of extra spares for the other minifigs.
  • The cook: Has a timeless cook uniform. The strips above the belly on the torso piece is nice, gives the impression that this cook is a true Bourgondier and tastes his dishes plenty. Carrying an even more timeless dish. As classic as it can get.
  • The train conducter: Please update this minifig. It's boring! At least you could have given it another face. This is my least favourite of the bunch.
  • The kid: Generic torso and pants. Nice city figure.

Unique parts:

When checked on Rebrickable we learn there are 361 unique parts/colors

There are 4 elements that are entirely unique to this set. These elements are introduced 2013 so there will probably be more of those around later on. You can see a detailed list here.

4 uncommon nice pieces are:



Any of you that have read another review by me that involved a large stickersheet know that I generally dislike them. They are a pain in the ass usually. But that's different for this set. This set has a whopping 33 stickers and to put them all on decently is a task by itself. But.... it brings more life to the structures. And for a set like this, a sticker sheet like that is a welcome addition instead of a "grrrr why dont they use printed bricks".

There are quite alot of 'good' pieces here. Alot of gadgets you can use in any modular moc setup. For minifigs, accesories, stickers and parts, this set scores really high in my book.



Building it was quite relaxing. All the structures are pretty decent builds. They are short enough not to make it boring. When you build it, you feel that it is designed for a younger audiance. It all goes quite rapidly and smooth.


The status is actually what really stood out for me in this set. It is simply put brilliant. It is very simple but has great detail. The frogs on the sides and the nameplate of it really makes this something special. If you have a modular set up, this one really belong in the center or in front of the Town Hall. Amazing what  you can do with 20 bricks (?). The favourite of the set.


It's a small and simple pizzeria, but it's a nice one. The furness is quite impressive, especially with the air suction on top of it. There are 2 large windows in them and in front of those windows to cut them in 2, some pretty decent and modern stickering on the set that make this an estethically pleasing one. The parasol included is also a nice one in the tricolore of Italy. Combine this one with the pizzeria from City Corner and you'll have a nice big pizzeria in the Italian colors.


The next building is the bike shop. Although it is  relatively small, it does have some nice eyecatchers. The large white bending slopes are relatively uncommong. It has a sign on the top with some lights. There is a revolving door, but it is simply way too small to be any good. The construction of the revolving door is completely different then the one that you see for example on Grand Emporium. It could have been constructed better I guess. On the bottom floor you have the 2 extra torsos a cap and some helmets. The first floor is nice with the rare motorbike and 2 bikes against the wall. The floor is nicely tiled in orange and black. It could be a nice extension for the garage. Plenty of windows on it which is always good to have. In all a nice, albeit small building.


The bus surely is nice too. I had already the yellow bus from City Corner before but this one is nicer. The color pleases me more for some reason. The back is also nicer than the yellow one and I read (but didn't check) that it was bigger too. Certainly a plus for this set where it not that there is 1 small design error in the bus. When you turn the bus with the doors towards you and look next to the wheel arches, there's a gap. When I was building it, I thought there were pieces missing (inverted slope for next to the wheel arch) but it was 'normal'. I do believe with a bit of brainstorming from the designers, this flaw could have been resolved.


No comments here. It's a decent sized crane. Seems smaller than other cranes I've seen but still large enough to impress. I wouldn't have really associated this with a town square but I guess there's always some construction to do. I would have rather seen this vehicle be replaced by a small bookshop or mini grocer or something.


Surely they could have done better with this. I remember back when I was young that I had a street swiper that was much more detailed then this. It does have a pretty unique piece but that doesn't make up for it's generally simplistic design. Colors are ok tho. The least favourite part of the set.

For playablility I think you can max this set for points. It has 2 buildings and 3 vehicles, 8 minifigs, a dog and last but not least, a statue.


914 pieces and an MSRP of 99,99€. That makes it 10.9c/brick and for me a pretty reasonable rate. Once more if you look at the included minifigs, parts, stickers, certainly a good deal.

So a very correct pricing for this set. For the year that I have been following it, has not seen many discounts.


Taken from Brickwatch

So I picked this up for around 80€ in february/march.


The CITY theme is a very popular one with children. It has its roots in the early Lego Town (1978) and has since then changed names a few times (Legoland Town, Town Junior, City Center and World City) before it settled on City in 2005.

The first set of the modern city theme was 10159 City Airport.

All police sets, fire department, trains, construction and general city buildings fall under the City theme.

Because they are generally designed as playsets, it is quite a popular theme for kids but high spending AFOLS usually are not that fond of it. 


For what I have seen, this set has only been available in 1 large retailer and from  S@H in Belgium. The price for this stays more or less stable and it's hard to get it at a discount. So it is a rather hard-to-find item.

PACKAGING | Score: 7


The front of the box is really packed with stuff. It has the City logo on the left and the town square all over the rest. The statue is being placed on its socket and you see the rest of the minifigs in their daily routine. It looks like any other city set. The box is a pretty large and quite heavy. 


The back of the box shows a closer look on all the vehicles and the accessoires and gives you a glimpse on the playability of the set. 

It's a pretty ordinary box, it's not wow or boo.


If there is a set to what we could compare it best to, it would be 8404 Public Transport. That set was introduced in august 2010 and retired in december 2011 so about 3 years ago. It has 864 pieces and 6 minifigures.

The current price on brickpicker is 192.74 so that's about 192% MSRP after 3 years. Seems like a nice growth potential for that set. Of course, this set contains a nice tram and that might explain it's popularity and price somewhat as well.

Even with the around 50 pieces extra and 3 minifigs and all the trinkets and stickers you have on this set, I estimate it would be around 150-170% MSRP in 3 years. It has also some nice vehicles but what it lacks is the tram. If the champion crane would have been replaced by some sort of tram, I'm sure it would have crushed any records for a City set (not trains).

So there is a nice growth potential for this one and as an investor, don't be scared about the City stigma. This set can make you a moderate to good profit if bought at the right time (20% off). Don't wait for it to have 50% off because it will not (especially not in Europe). Now during xmas promo's would be the best time to get it still I assume. It has been released in august 2013 so it might be EOL in december 2014 if it follow the 8404 route.


It doesn't really have much display attributes on it's own. It is a playset and should be seen as such.

However, it has all the ingredients to make your AFOL town look even better and for AFOLs it should be seen as an expansion pack. There are no vehicles or stickering in the modular houses so if you really want to bring your town to life, this is what you should be looking at. So for side-displayability it receives a good score from me.


It is a large City set and although it is nothing really special to display, it will be a wanted item post-EOL. It will blend in well with your AFOL modulars or if your child wants something different than yet another police set, this is the set to have.

No Lego city, be it modular or play, is complete without a city center. As far as I know,  there have been some sets in the past that could be seen as city centers as well, but none in the modern city sets so like public transport, and unlike police HQ, this set is rather unique.

I had much fun building it, it was not difficult at all and when I was building it, it invited to think what else could be done with the parts provided. It invites you to take the available pieces, mix them with other sets and make some pretty nice buildings.

Plenty of minifigures, cool vehicles, 2 buildings, plenty of trinkets and stickers makes this a very fine set to have and invest in imo.