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Review from: Locutus001
Reviewed on: Oct 3, 2014
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The AT-AT 75054 is pretty neat and the design is pretty close to what we know from the movies.

Since I missed on the AT-ATs that have been produced by LEGO before I was eager to get this one and finally did!

The box looks quite appealing and after having build one I can tell you that it shows you just what you get for your money.

Seeing it on display it's not as impressive as it should be but it shows what a reasonable compromise is when it comes to playability/size/cost.

Even though I would appreciate an UCS model which is just HUUUUGE not everybody might be able to spend that kind of money (especially for their kids to play with it) and also not everybody will have the space for it.

At 99$/119,99€ retail price the AT-AT 75054 is fairly available and affordable for a huge audience (mainly the target audience being kids).

The set includes some awesome minifigures as well, which are (as it is NOW) unique to this set (at least when it comes to design).

8 points from me because I still dream of something more enormous ;-)


Always when it comes to this section am a little bit lost sorry...

I don't think the set has many unique parts, mainly the minifigures are unique (speaking of the design only) to this set as far as I know.

You'll get a lot of grey pieces obviously.

I really like the minifigures as they have a really nice design with some new colours (which might be more "realistic").

The Stormtrooper minifigure now has a seperate helmet with a new design where the eye-part is printed rather than just a hole where you'll need a black head-piece as before.

Since you do no longer need those black headpieces they come with the new standard clonetrooper/stormtrooper face (personally I would have prefered a two sided print here or at least some diversity... the grim look on those face might be a nice touch but if you unhelm them all, you'll end up with a weird sight...).

The backpack also had have a makeover and now you no longer have it attached to the helmed but separately. As for me I do prefer the old backpacks, though I like that it is no longer attached to the helmet.

What's also new to the snowtroopers is that one of them is a commander now and has got a slightly different printing on he torso.

The General Veers minifigure is pretty felicitous. The new design really works in favor for it and I really like the new blueish grey. Sadly he does not come with printed legs, but the torso and the face both look great, though only the torso has got a back printing (would have liked a double sided face on General Veers...).

The Pilot minifigure also comes with the new blueish grey and look way better than its predecessors. But again you'll get the new standard stormtrooper face...

All in all the minifigures are pretty satisfying and for the price there is not much that I would have changed. Maybe one more minifigure would have been nice or different prints on the faces but that's something you can say about most sets I guess ^.^


I didn't build it at a stretch but I would say that it will take 1-3h depending on your speed. The average LEGO-builder might need about 2h.

If you are really really fast 1h might be possible though. I think I did spend about 3h on it and since the manual is subdivided into different parts it's a nice build if you want to build it step by step whenever your time allows it.

It comes with 7 bags and 7 buildings-parts, all of them have some nice little features but of course the best is when you put it all together.

The legs have been repetitive but I wouldn't say it was boring.

When I first saw the skeleton of the model I really was looking forward to see it in it's final form. I liked the fact that the head was that flexible. When you're finally done there's only little left of that flexibility due to some structures that are int he way. Those are needed for the general look of it but still I would have wished for a slightly more flexible head.

What's really cool about this model is the balance of it. You can display it with one or even two legs in midair. I personally did put them all on the ground in a realistic walking manner but the design allows you to be pretty free about what to do with them, so the model will not look too static once you display it.

If you don't want to display it but to play with it it also holds some nice features. There is a kind of trap door included, where the snowtroopers can fall/climb out or possible look can cut his way in... In the cockpit you'll find General Veers and the pilot, though it's a little bit cramped ;-) You can open the headpiece as well as the main torso, to put your minifigures inside or get them out if needed.

Attached to the head there are two missiles with a spring mechanism which allows you to shoot them (way cooler then those flick-missiles).

Building it, as well as playing with it is great! If you have 300 bucks left you can get three of them which looks totally awesome once you display it and your kids will also love it to habe 3 of them so one can be lying on the floor after the rebels made it crash there ^.^


9 points, since all in all it's an awesome build, especially for the price. I still have the feeling that there is a lot of potential left for an even better design. For example I don't like that LEGO tends to neglect the interiour that much. Some seats or racks for riffles etc. would have been nice. For the price I don't want to complain too much though ;-)


You get 5 awesome minifigures and a pretty cool vehicle!

Not for 200$ not for 150$ but for 99$!!! (BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW!!! AND YOU'LL GET...)

So as already mentioned before, the price is pretty darn good!

(Some people like to count pieces and give you a price per piece but I don't. To me it's the general impression that counts and here it tells me: The price is good!)

Considering that 99$ is the retail price (120€), you probably can get it for below that price!

If you sell the minifigures and the AT-AT separately I guess that you already can make some profit.

Since it doesn't come with unique parts there really isn't that much to it though...


Star Wars --> 10 points

(Especially since it's the original triology)


Yeah... eh... it's not exclusive at all.

BUT! The five new minifigures are kind of exclusive to this set since the design is new! To me the General Veers minifig is the best version of him right now and if LEGO were to stop producing this set/theme (without a newer version of it...) then this could make it somewhat more exclusive.

The price is not too high and it's available everywhere (AND there have been 2 other AT-ATs that size before!) so it only gets 4 points (and maybe even below) when it comes to exclusivity.

PACKAGING | Score: 10

This is also a section I normally don't like, since I'm not a big critic when it comes to box-art.

Anyhow, I really like the box-art of the new 75054 AT-AT. You can see Hoth in the background and the hole picture makes you think of that iconic scene when the AT-ATs approach the rebels base on Hoth and the Empire is finally able to strike back!



That's a tricky one since it's already the third bigger sized AT-AT model.

The motorized one had that going for it, this one doesn't. When it comes to balance I think that this one is superiour to those before but I don't think that this will have a big impact on the growth potential.

If LEGO were to stop producing those then the AT-AT 75054 will absolutely gain in value! But I wouldn't be too surprised to see an enourmous UCS AT-AT and when that happens why should anybody pay more than maybe 150€/$ for this one when you can have the UCS for 200-300€?

I would say that once this set retires it will see some growth though, as long as there is no better version available (meaning an UCS ;-) ).


This one can be a winner but probably won't.


The set really looks awesome and there is little wrong with it.

But since those AT-ATs have been that enormous in the movies this version of it looks rather small and insignificant.

Still it is an eye-catcher and it will pimp-up any battle of hoth scene that you might want to reenact.


So "only" 8 points from me since I would prefer an even bigger model ;-) (after all size matters I guess).


Final analysis:


-the price is pretty darn good! (in my opinion)

-the design is awesome and I love the balance of it

-the new minifigure design is great, especially the blue-grey uniforms of the pilot and general veers

-it comes with a fair amount of minifigures, namely 1xgeneral veers, 1xpilot, 2xsnowtroopers, 1xsnowtrooper-commander

(-there is a cool poser included! and the box art is nicely done)



-not big enough yet!!! ;-)

-interiour design has been neglected

-different face prints would have been nice

(-no motor if anybody should care... I don't but for the sake of completeness it belongs here...)


I'm torn between 8 and 9 points here but taking everything into consideration I think it's only fair to give it 9 points since it's a toy for kids and the designers really did a good job.