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Review from: Neosphinx
Reviewed on: Sep 2, 2014
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Monster Fighters is a theme introduced in May 2012. To date, ten sets have been released. Seven of the sets contain at least one Moon Stone, and in the background story, the monsters attempt to collect them to unleash doom on the Earth by eclipsing the Sun forever, allowing the land of monsters into the minifigure's realm. The stones are based on the monster contained in its respective set. A band of Monster Fighters, led by Dr. Rodney Rathbone, tries to find the stones before the evil Lord Vampyre uses them to eclipse the sun forever.

The theme was discontinued in 2012 making it a very limited one, but until recently (Belgium) The Haunted House was still available. Expected is that it will be officially EOL soon.

The Haunted House is a bit of an exception in the theme. It doesn't have a moonstone, Monster Figthers or MF vehicle while most of the rest of the theme has these. It also is the largest set of the entire theme with the Vampyre Castle as second with 949 pieces so it's about two times as big.

I don't think people really look at the Haunted House as a part of the Monster Fighters theme, but more like a modular building that could fit well in a MOC town (perhaps with some adaptations). It is how I look at it anyways. I had read some reviews, watched pictures of it and had very high expectations for this set. I already had the Pet Shop, Town Hall and Grand Emporium in my inventory but it was this one that I was waiting for a price drop to build. 


It has about the same pieces (2064) as other modulars and above is what those 2k pieces look like when you pour them over the table for the first time. For me personally, I like the colors green and  gray, the entrance gate is cool, it's a standalone building (I dont do MOCS yet) and the attic of the building I saw in a review was the deciding factor to build it. I had high anticipation for this one.




  • Lord Vampyre: He makes an apearance in 2 other sets of the MF series. Vampyre Castle and Vampyre Hearse. It has a glow in the dark face, double printing. The torso has some nice details and the pants is printed. The hairpiece is a recently brought out one and suits the minifigure well. Of course it also has a cape. Applying the cape can be tricky. In all a great minifigure. One of the few figures I encountered so far that has a double printed face AND a glow in the dark AND printed pants.
  • Vampyre's Bride: Again the same as above. A glow in the dark, double printed head. A beautifully designed torso. The legs are printed but are put on a 2*3 block instead of normal legs. The colors, dark red and purple, are very well picked. I really looked at this minifg in awe. This one can also be found in Vampyre Castle.
  • Zombie Chef: My least favourite minifig of the pack but that doesn't make it less special. This one can only be found in this set. The head is a normal zombie one, no dual face nor glow in the dark. The pants are not printed. What makes this one special is the torso. It looks like an ordinary cook one, but it's torn and stained with blood and other gore. The back is also printed. 
  • The Butler: LURCH LURCH LURCHHHHH!!!! Who would not want this little minifig in their collection. He can only be found in the haunted house. Has a single printed head, not glow in the dark. What makes it special is the added part on the head. I think it was already used before for a minifig but it is very cool addition. He wears a nice black suit with black not printed legs. His torso is nice, but nothing special. This is my favourite one of the set.
  • Ghosts: Two of them. Glow in the dark. They can be found in a variety of others sets. It's a redesigned minifig but still resembles in some way the ghost I found in some old castle set. Nice addition but nothing special

Unique Parts:

Brickset says there are 225 unique parts/colors in this set. and the one that stands out for me are

  • Stickers: Fortunately not too many.
  • The little cone with the heart printed on it.
  • The little boat in a bottle is probably my favourite.
  • The parts making the gramophone. Love it.
  • The green parts... lots of them!


This build was interesting. Bag 1 held the minifigures. Nothing exceptional of course, but it also makes you build all little trinkets you will find in the haunted house. It also makes you apply all stickers (except for the windows) so the rest of the build will be pretty straightforward and focussed on the structure itself. I did have an issue with Dracula's cape. It took me a while (must have had a blonde moment) to find out exactly how I needed to fold it. Don't ask me how I did it, because I forgot already.


Working this way has a good advantage. All stickers are already applied in this step (except windows). It  means that when your building the structure of the house, you're not bothered with the more little details. One can argue that building a small desk or table makes it less repetitive further on but I like the build to advance. Also after you finished the structure, it's nice to put in the details like a painting or desk.

The gramophone player was my favourite although putting the stickers on, right in the middle was not that easy. The ... skeleton from the deer is my least favorite. I don't know how, but it could have done different.

So the building of the actual house was a piece of cake. All went well togetther. There were no moments I had when I thought that my walls would collapse if I applied too much pressure or something. All fitted well, all semt logical.... it was a pure joy to build. I didn't see any color differences in the green that certain people semt to have. 

Only thing that I can say is that the floor is not tiled like eg. the Simpsons House. Wouldn't have mind some good old planché floor or some broken tiles (there are some tho but not entire floor) in the kitchen. But then again, does it really have so much extra value in a set like this?


So here is the front of the house with the beautiful roof. I did not apply the window stickers .... I noticed that the quality of the transparant windows are much better than the one that I had in the Malibu Mansion Attack. Note the nice fence in front of the house. I thought it would have been smaller but it's quite nice sizewise.

And of course the back. Left and right part. Note the many trinkets around the house.


On the left you have the stove that can fold outwards and the entrance where Lurch is keeping guard. Upstairs a nice wooden writing desk with a letter and the favourite part, the attic. You see a little ladder there and if you pull a lever, it will fall down and you can unfold it. You find some cool gadgets here, a hat and knight helmet in a tub, some jars. Nice nice.

The right is more spectacular. Here on the bottom the kitchen with a nicely designed stove. Some jars and our friend the cook. 1st floor is the master bedroom. The closet is nicely executed. Here you find the weird white thing that are the horns of a beast. And then the top floor with a gramophone, record, some newspapers, a dogbone in a stolp (?) and a skull.


The entire back of the house. When folded closed it's not that special. Basically a green wall with some windows. It has a side entrance to the kitchen as well.

Already as a standalone, it has great playability. So many things to do and explore and togetther with some other MF sets, it gets even better. The minifigures are gorgeous and a welcome change to the city, harry potter and other sci-fi themes. How cool is it to be able to play with zombies and vampires and and and...a LURCH!


The MSRP is 179.99€ with 2064 pieces bringing it under the 10c/piece level, 8.72c/piece to be exact with 6 minifigs. If you compare it to the Town Hall with 2766 and 8 minifigures it's not that great value for money. Still there is this little thing called "coolness" and on that scale, the Haunted House blows away Town Hall and any other modular for that matter.

So does this set has good value for money? Yes it does because it's simply cool. If you doubt between buying this and Town Hall, don't doubt. Buy Haunted House. Because of the price compared to other modulars, I only give it an 9 but catch this one with 10€ discount and it shoots straight to 10.


The Monster Fighters theme was a pretty popular theme but nowhere near as popular as eg. Star Wars or the Simpsons. It did have some pretty cool minifigures, a nice story behind so I'll rate it 8 but a  7 would be more appropriate in terms of popularity


Can be found in alot of B&M and webshops in Belgium. Or at least it was since now, supplies have dried up and the only place you can still get it is via s@h. It seems that in the US, the supplies are rapidly shrinking too. It is becoming more and more exclusive as I write this.

PACKAGING | Score: 10


The packaging is as good as it gets. The front of the box shows the gorgeous house on a dark blue background with ghosts flying around and the moon on the top right. It sets the mood to build this sets pretty well. The dark stream of bats as background for the Monster Fighters and Lego logo is well done too. This box just screams "I'm not boring, open me and you'll find out!!!!". 


The back shows the opened construction showing everything there is to be seen in the house. Very detailed and it appetizes the buyer even more to rip it open and start building!


I believe this set has alot of potential as it speaks to many people.

  • Monster Fighter collectors: Of course the largest set can't miss in the collection.
  • Modular builders: It's strictly taken not really part of the rest of the Town-modulars but any Lego-loving modular builder will want one of these.
  • Parters: Alot of nicely colored green pieces and so much other useful stuff combined with nice minifigures
  • Displayers: It would stand well on any commode, desk or pedistal.
  • MOC'ers: With all the nice pieces, you can build some pretty nice stuff. Especially the green bricks are attractive.

At current writing, the Haunted House is no longer available in webshops and B&M in Belgium. They can only be had via S@H at the 179,99€ price (and there, it is temporary out of stock too). I suspect the price for this set in 2 years to be around 550€. That's alot of money but it has that something special surrounding it... something you won't find in eg. Grand Emporium or other similars. This set is destined to be a winner, and after building it, you will understand why. I think it might be the best investment I made. I bought 5 of them for invest and 1 to build and the ROI on this one will beat SSD... Of course, this is all guessing, noone knows exactly how much it will be worth, but you won't loose money and you SHOULD (!) have at least 2 to sell (!)(!)(!)


My favourite part, and the reason why I bought and built it. It is a building shrouded in darkness and mistery. In shrill contrast with the Simpsons house. I put it temporary next to it to take a picture. The comment of my girlfriend was: "Oh I thought it would be bigger" but nonetheless, in my opinion it is large enough.


As said, I bought it to display and that's what I will do... but not in the living room... as ordered.. Instead, it will have a nice place on the top of my desk, next to an old school red lavalamp (the thing that consumes a ton of energy and has that big blob floating in it). I think it will go well. I probably will also break open Lord Vampyre's hearse to put next to it.

Honestly, I love the Simpsons more, and in a popularity contest for people in my age category, they would pick the Simpsons above MF any time.... but just what would please me most if the themes were equally popular? I'd go for the perfect imperfection and darkness of the Haunted House to display.


I can put it in 1 word: Stunning!

When I first saw it, I just had to get it... and many share this opinion. It's a relatively good price, fun to build and has extraordinary minifigs. It certainly is my most favorite set so far and it will probably reflect in my scoring.

It is so perfect at being imperfect, its terryfying and that's why I love it so. It will keep me company during long dark nights when I'm up cleaning or building Lego.

It probably will be a good investment. Add some reduction to the initial price and see it skyrocket during the years to follow. Sure the Monsterfigher theme is discontinued, but the legacy of the Haunted Mansion will continue to live on.