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76012-1: Batman: The Riddler Chase

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 9.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 5.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 5.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 4.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 10
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 5.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 6.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 7.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 6.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 6.00
Review from: Neosphinx
Reviewed on: Aug 17, 2014
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The unusual high quoting is because of the combo that I received for my bday. On the left side you have the present of my best friend, on the right side, the present from my girlfriend.


So of course the first impression was sublime. It wasn't directly a set I would buy for investing purposes as it is still too recently released. But after the spider, iron man and turtles review, I seriously needed to do a batman. I wasn't too fond in the beginning of the Riddlers dragsters simplicity but the batvehicule semt to be quite nicely designed.




Batman: I didn't really like the head. It is double faced but still, it's not my cup of tea. The batcape and torso are well done. I don't think the pants is so generic but I can be wrong. Not bad of a figurine, but no topper either.

The Riddler: Not double faced but a very nicely designed figurine. The hat with the purple questionmark, the detailed torso with the zipper vest and the pants in two colors. I could make the remark that it's not printed, but I won't. Figurine-wise, this one worked out well for me. The golden crowbar, however I haven't seen it that much before, could have been replaced by something... more exciting?

The Flash: Unlike the above figurines, the Flash was one I never really heared of in my youth. Sure, I heared of him in a Queen song (which was pretty cool btw)...oh wait, that was a different Flash. So it's just until I started again with Lego that this guy popped up for me. It seems pretty cool. Is double faced and the helmet is of a weird plastic. It feels actually quite nice and flexible and fits well over the head. The head itself is well designed. Great expression, the red goes all around the head. The torso and back are pretty nice drawn too. Only thing I can say about this one is about the same for all super heroes. Why not give them an exclusive pants!

Unique Parts

  • The stickering. There are 3 and that's enough for me.
  • The windscreen of the batvehicule.
  • The tires of the batmobile are uncommon.

The rest of the pieces are pretty common. The colors used are also nothing special. The darker green is the most special color. Pretty low scoring on the unique parts section imo.

 The only reason I still pass this set on this section is because of the Riddler and Flash.



The set contains 304 pieces. So 3 bags, 2 booklets (could have been 1 imo), the sticker sheet and some sort of comic-promo-booklet.


The Riddlers Dragster


This probably was the largest turn off of the entire set. I build things like this when I was 8! Liar of course because the used parts were not introduced back then. I was disappointed with the limited effort Lego designers dit to make this vehicule. It simply screams BASIC!!!! And to top it off, the money on the back kept pouring out from the moment I moved it and forgot there were loose parts on it (granted, it was hugely Jägermeisters fault that I forgot they were there) so it got me irritated at the end of the build.

I also learned that drinking and applying stickers is not a good combination. It worked eventually... The built itself was pretty straight forwards, no difficulties.

The Batman Vehicule

When I completed it, I thought it looked very similar to a car I had seen before. In Gran Turismo, there is the Red Bull concept car. May be just in my head ofcourse.


It is pretty well designed. The orange windscreen. The back that opens up to shoot missiles. The nice big golden rims and the front. All good things about this vehicule. It's just when I tried to fit in my batman that it didn't work out. He needs to be almost horizontally placed and the steering wheel doesn't come well then. It does fit... but there could have been another way to make this work for sure.

The build again was straight forward. Even with a clouded mind, it went without making mistakes

As for Flash...Honestly and you may curse at me for saying it, but Flash just seem to hang around Batman hoping to catch a bit of his coolness.Poor guy doesn't even have a verhicule... not even a stupid bike.


I don't think this is a bargain. It is initially priced 10€ too much. 29.99 for 304 pieces would be much more acceptable. My girlfriend paid the most expensive of all Legoshops in Europe, being the one in Denmark. This was also because of the currency exchange € => DK. But still. A ppp of 13c is simply exagerated! If the set consisted of 50 pieces more, Batman would have been that bit cooler and the used pieces and colors wouldn't have been so 'normal', perhaps there would have some cause to pass it on value for money but not now.


It is in close competition with Iron man, but modern Batman has been with me since a very young age and from that early moment on, I  found him to be extremely cool. He evolved with the world of today and although I'm not thrilled that the batmobile (tumbler) lacks the sleekness and is not as rafined as the old batmobile (Michael Keaton's one), it remains a constant hit and the theme remains strong!


I have seen it in a large variety of shops, varying online and B&M.

PACKAGING | Score: 6


The front has the colors of DC Comics, The superheroes packaging follows a bit the same line. Blue for DC. Red for Marvel. The Super Heroes logo on it with on the right side the hero. The rest of the front is filled with an epic depicting of the set. In this case a drag race between the Riddler and Batman with Flash about to fall over a banana.


The common BTOOM! and ZZZZIP sounds on the back showing the action you can get from this set and it's special features. Green background works well with the blue. Nothing out of the ordinary for the rest.


Difficult to say at this moment. This set is sold well. Popular theme being Batman. A new movie is sheduled to be released in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice so any movie is good news even if it is not as expected. I believe it can go to 2 times its MSRP peaking in 2016. If it would have been a set that included both superman and batman, things would be different....  but it's not. You'll still be able to make a nice profit out of them.



Of course the minifigures should be added to any minifig or super heroes fan. For the vehicules, I placed the bat vehicule nexto the 7784 The Batmobile: Ultimate Collector's Edition just because it shows the evolution in Batmobiles. I await the UCS Tumbler with great anticipation.


The Riddler's dragster is a 'we need to get that deadline so let's just make it simple' -design. I didn't like it. The bat verhicle is pretty nice. The minifigures are generally ok but the initial price is too steep. I'd buy this when it gets to 25€ and I'll keep 5 of them tucked away until a few months before the movie comes out.