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79105-1: Baxter Robot Rampage

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 4.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 9.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 6.00
Review from: Neosphinx
Reviewed on: Aug 9, 2014
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It was a nasty first impression to say the least. The TNMT sells bad, big discounts... seems like a flop. I didn't have too much hopes as when I first purchase this one. Were it not for the Flashback Schredder minifig you got at s@h I wouldn't have bought it at all. But it did come out and the investor in me told me to buy 2 times nr 0 to 5 to sell with FB Schredder. 

The initial pricing was steep at 49.99€ for 397 pieces. It comes to 12.6c/brick and that is simply too much. Alot of stores offered reductions on this one and it's not too hard to get it at this moment for 30€ wich bring it to a respectable 7.5c/brick.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a TMNT fan and the first time I went to Disneyland, they were there performing. I was in front of the TV 5 minutes before the TMNT cartoon started. I adored the TMNT and to read it was kind of a flop in Lego Investor terms, it came not well.

So with some fear in the heart, I bought a set for my birthday and when I opened it up:



For this set, this is my absolute favorite part...



  • Raphael: Not unique to this set. Also apears in 79102. However for the minifigure itself, it's pretty well executed. The tint of green is different than of Donatello. It has a leg print (which is always good in my book) and I don't know of many figures having green hands. In all, a very nicely executed minifigure.
  • Donatello: Unique to this set. What I like about him is the printing on the shell and torso. His buckle is there. It is something that I carried from when I was young, but each toy that depicted Donatello had this diagonal buckle (or even 2). It runs all the way on the back of his shield too, making it not exchangeable with Raph or the other Turtles. Again a leg printing here and a different tint. Good job, TLG.
  • Baxter: When I first saw this minifigure, I thought they screwed up pretty much. In my pov, Baxter was a white man with funny hair. Not a black dude looking like Eddy Murphy on steroids. The mistake here is with TMNT writers of the 2012 series. Why not let Baxter be white as that is how people of my generation remember him. If a racial issue was the question here, why not just make him a fly. Lego's interpretation of the new Baxter is pretty well executed. It is double faced and has a particular helmet. It does not have pants printing but the extra piece of armor makes up for that.
  • April O'Neill: Who doesn't remember April. She is exclusive to this set and well executed. Her hair has a hairband which is pretty special.  She has a nice torso with the number 5 on it, and at first I didn't see it, but her legs are printed as well. She is double faced aswell. It's probably the best executed figure in this lot.
  • Mouser: I coun't this as half a minifig because of the parts it is built with. It's pretty cool and Baxter without Mouser would be blasphemy.

Unique Parts:

I will not even begin to sum up the unique parts of this set but there are ALOT!

This one stood out to me next to all the beautiful green pieces in the set


For a detailed list of exclusive parts, you can read the review of MartinP


The build itself was relax. No real difficulties were found in building it. It was a quick build.

The only thing I didn't like was the stickers. Granted, there are only 2 of them but 1 of them was absolutely huge. At first I was reluctant to put it on, but what the hey, it's a review!

The set consist of 3 structures.

2 of them are Turtle vehicules:

They are pretty small but there's 2 of them so it counts imo for 1 medium vehicle. There is one sticker applied here on the skateboard attached to Dona's cart. Both vehicules are nothing special but it will serve it's purpose, being you can play with it!


The other structure is Baxter's robot. I don't know why but it reminds me of the Exosuit that Lego has released just a week ago. It's of a decent size and looks pretty dangerous. The build was very straightfoward until you come to applying the huge sticker of the curved window.


I like the robot. It is pretty well executed and leaving the huge sticker issue besides, it's a worthy expansion to my collection. It consists of some pretty unique parts.

When I finished building, I really thought that this was a very good example of a playset. 2 small vehicules versus a big robot and 4,5 minifigures. Let your imagination work and get to work. Imo a much better playset than eg. 76005 or 76006 (Super Heroes Iron Man Mansion and Daily Bugle building).

Just make sure that Baxter is in the robot when you build it because fitting it in afterwards I found difficult.


Absolutely out of the question that this has a good 'buck for bang' ration!

or not?

Well, looking at the 5 minifigures and the huge amount of uncommon and rare pieces, it's not such a bad initial pricing for this set. Sadly enough, the Lego TMNT theme wasn't a very big hit so far so and an initial price above 10c/brick when this is not EOL yet is simply overrated.

Fortunately, a lot of stores are selling these sets now and are throwing a continuous big discount against them. If you pay between 6 and 8c/brick on this one, it's well worth it!


Difficult to say. The late 70's and early 80's people can probably appreciate this theme  because of the movies and the early series but I have no idea how the new Nickelodeon series are received by the younger audiance. Not that good I presume when I look at the major discounts of the shops I visit.


Available in about every store I monitor

PACKAGING | Score: 7

Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

I have nothing for or against this one. It's a pretty nice cover. The Robot looks awesome but the Nickelodeon on it is too much for me. I remember TMNT not from Nickelodeon and if I wouldn't have a child, I wouldn't even know what a Nickelodeon was. Fortunately the TMNT lettering still remained the same and reminded me of good ol' days.



The back features the playmode. No POWWWWW or BAZAAAAAMMM words on it, which gains my appreciation.


It depends...

There will be a new movie. New movie, be it good or bad is publicity and will create a demand for this set. How much it will be worth then is a mistery to me therefore I wouldn't invest too much in this but make sure, you have a complete 0-5 set to go with your Flashback Schredder.

It is also possible that it will perform in the secondary as in the primary market. The key there to make profit is to buy them at the absolute bottom price which is right about now I think.

My guess is that  the first series will disapear soon with the introduction of the new series, the new turtle lair, new styling and such.


Funnily enough, I find the robot to be estethically pleasing and wouldn't mind puttin it on display on my desk.



Buy one of these and every other of the series 0-5 to go with the Flashback Schredders you have. Keep them until the movie comes out and then sell them. Don't overbuy them because I fear they won't return the same ROI as other hero sets like Super Heroes eg.