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10244-1: Fairground Mixer

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Review from: ZULU
Reviewed on: Jul 10, 2014
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My first impression was: "Finally"!

I had been waiting for a while to get a complement to the Grand Caroussel from 2009. The fact that you can motorize the Mixer, makes it the second building you can have actioned in a setting making your fair come alive quite easily. The "light in the dark" elements should make this sets "shine" during the christmas season for example where I'm already dreaming of a Christmas fair with many light bicks and action.

The fact that I don't rate it 8-10 is linked to the lack of colors - I had hoped the mixer to be as splendid in colors and shining with gold and pearls as the Carroussel. I like the concept of having the entire set folded into two trucks and driving from town fair to town fair (a little like 'Carnivale'). But the actual color execution is lacking. I guess design kept the traditional lego-City color patterns, where trucks are mostly grey and black and all the support platforms remain LBgrey. In reality, many mixers have all their bars and mechanics colored too, so there's a lack of splendidness because of all this surrounding grey/black/white. I don't understand why for example they added all these (Dark Blue) Grey fences. It would've been a different sight if these were in gold for example!

I'm also a big fan of LEGO FRIENDS where new colors make these sets very fresh and appealing to my 2 girls. They wanted to built every friends and disney set immediately, just because the box and colors attracted them. With the Fairground mixer, this reflex wasn't there at all. I had to start building the trucks and support platform myself before getting their atention. Therefore, even though the set should appeal to young girls as well, I fear it's going to be middle ground between girls who like fairgrounds, and boys who like mechanics and trucks.

All in all, I don't want to sound negative. The set is great: design is splendid. The mechanics work seamlessly. And you actually can play with it in many ways, from hitting with the (big) hammer, sending the lady in the water, and having minifigures turn like crazy in the mixer. The option of setting things back on two trucks is also sweet, as this way the carnival can move from city to city (not that many kids will have 2 Lego City spaces I guess...,but it helps that the set can be put away without breaking it completely).

Conclusion: You need to have one, but don't compare it the the Caroussel. It's WHOW for the kids and its playability. Just less whow for the color loving lego fans we are. 


There's no lack of minifigures, and this is how it should be. The set has the final purpose of creating a fairgruond with lots of people and interaction. It would be a commercial mishit to force people into having to buy more figs, just to make the set come alive. You get a grand 12!! 4 kids and 8 adults who are all doing stuff: from pucking after the ride, to licking ice creams. One minifig has the unique head of a guy who probably had too many rides on the mixer.

In terms of the new parts,  four are unique: glow-in-the-dark 1x1 round tile, white 18mm wheel, pearl gold radar dish, and a threw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little printed minifig head. I like the glow in the dark round tiles a lot as they offer beautiful possibilities in your evening town or christmas setting. The more glow in the dark parts get printed, the better.

The part out value from Bricklink is pretty high for this set. It's 342$ for a set that costs 149$, which is a nice margin for the Bricklink shops. This also means there should be huge discounting on a set that shows some nice unique elements, a lot of parts and good break out value. This is a set where you get bricks for your money.


There have been a number of reviews already, so I'm just going to give you my very personal impressions and those of my kids and wife.

We built the set during our Holidays in the South of France - on a rainy day - and it brought quite some pleasure!

1/ the Hammer Strength Test is great! For such a small set, we've had great fun with it. I've actually been woken up by my two kids one morning during the holidays where they were hitting the little and big hammer like crazy; And the fact that it actually works without being easy and only through using the biggest hammer is a piece of art. If you ask me for my favority little set, this would be it. Increadible how with just a couple of bricks, you can create a litle piece of art. The colors are also perfect. I only would have added a little "bell" on top to make it 200% perfect. 

 2/ The glow in the dark aspect is incredible. We tested the mixer in the room of the kids, turned off the lights and the result was breathtaking. The entire family enjoyed a turntable of little lights. Pity there was little to be seen of the mixer and the minifigs on it, but I'm thinking to add a light on top of the arcade to have that little extra. Also when the truck leaves in the dark with the fences, if you stack then well, they make a nice rear setting. By adding some glowing in the dark elements in the front, we've created a real truck with lights driving in the night from town to town

3/ Obviously the turning Mixer attracted my girls. But I was surprised to see that they also liked collapsing and rebuilding the fairground in another spot. The steps are easy enough to remember for my 6 year old, eleminating my previous question mark on the real play use of having a set collapse on a truck. Even though Iove the smoothness by which the mixer turns and operates, I have some small remarks: the colors are too 'City-like', and it's a pity that the mixer is not 100% at the centre of the fences, which forces you to create an oval shape if you like symmetry. The Technic aspect of this set is very easy to get, introducing to new builders a new type of LEGO. AND IT ROTATES REALLY WELL!! My 5 year old went bonanza with it without breaking it. Splendid.

4/ Dunk Tank: I had high hopes for this small addition, but found the actual operation lacking. The target board is never really sitting straigt for the little balls, and the seat for the lady who might fall in the water is badly realized. When in fact I had hoped for a beatiful chair suspended over a basin, you get some wobbly bars dropping all to easily down into a strangely shaped tank with some stickers. The contract with the finesse from Strength Tank and this set is baffling. They could have done better. For example by adding a number of little LB translucent round 1/1 bricks into to the tank to fill it with some actual water for example?

5/ Trucks & ticket booth: The Mixer truck is nice (and BIG!), as it has the small bed in the front as sweet little feature. It's obviously impressiv how it carries the whole mixer around. The second smaller truck one is rather basic. The ticket booth is nothing special either. It was actually a little annoying to build this mini-set as the bricks were rather large and construction rather unstable. The colored bricks and lights were nice nonetheless, but again, they could've done better for example by adding more elements of design. (adding a picture...) 

All in all, the payability is very high, so I give it the maximum rating.


This could be one of those sets that every kid with a small CITY (police & fire dept and some streets) would like to have at its centre. Lots of minifigs, lots of this happening, the actual impression from the glow in the dark, and a first step towards technics. 

Therefore I give it one of the highest score:

It's a

- unique set: never has there been a mixer which operates that well

- good fit with caroussel, christmas, city, even modular town

- nice glow in the dark unique parts

- lots of minifigs

- trucks for the boys, a mixer for the girls

- easy to collapse

- fairgrounds always work for kids

- part out value 2 x MSRP

A clear winner to me.


This series has started with the Ferries Wheel which I didn't build (2007) nor get on the secondary market because it eats up space, isn't that goodlooking and can't guarantee smooth funtionality. It's also rather hard to get and not worth the price (obv. my personal opinion).

Next was obviously the mindblowing Caroussel of 2009 with its superb design and look. But it lacked in functionality. The rotation is difficult, the built is slow and repetitive, there are a lot of stickers, and it breaks down easily from top (windscreens) to bottom (from the pressure on the floors touching the rubber wheel). I'm speaking from experience as I have built it, have my kids playing with it, and need to regularly fix stuff that has come loose.

The Mixer has solved these issues but doing so has become too functional and less artistic. I get the impression TLG has the potential to bring together playability and design. This is what I saw in the "strength test" mini set. With the years sets improve, so I hope they will continue on this fairground path and surprise us with a whole collection of "park" sets, each one more playable and even more attractive in colors and design.

Only for this reason I would think each Lego fan needs to buy at least one. Many people have missed out of the Caroussel, don't make the mistake twice.

There is also good synergy with the haunted house and the christmas sets, theme's that will come back every year. I already can't wait to get the christmas sets around it; Maybe adding some green bricks to have it come in-line with the Winter season!


Well, it's an exclusive CREATOR set. Maybe the first of a series about the fairground theme. 

As always with 'the first of', if the theme gets traction, these early sets get most of the price appreciation. Many sceptical or late collectioneurs just have to buy it at more inflated prices. 

The fact that the colors are rather 'City Like' and most minifigs aren't exclusive detract some value. It's not a multiple built Creator set either. So I can't give it maximum score. Still there are a good number of rare parts as well, so the base value is there. 

PACKAGING | Score: 4

Packing is not why I would buy this set. In fact, the mixer doesn't show well in all its glory because of the trucks and fences around it. I'm sure TLG tried to make the sets very 'festival' looking by adding the light in the dark element and small subsets, but the way it's shown on the box doesn't look professional. Compared to the Carrousel, it's a miss.

Within the box, the sets is divided in many bags numbered 1 to 3, in line with the booklets. This is well done as I had the kids work on pack 1 (small subsets: Booth, Tank, Hammer, MFigs...), whilst I did pack 2 (trucks & patform) and we built pack 3 together (Mixer). The fact that you can build a large set together - kids and adults - might be a random coincidence, and if so, I would love TLG to continue breaking up their sets in subsets for different ages.

If the large truck & fences had been more colorful, this set would've been probably a 9.5/10 allround. 


Who doesn't like fairgrounds? What city doesn't need a Mixer? How many Christmas scenes will love the glow in the dark Mixer spinning around in its centre. I don't like all the colors, so there's some changes to be made. But the plans are great, the technic elements superb and therefore this set should easily grow to be a 'wanna have' set for most fans, Afols and kids. It's prices 129.9E, with some help you might get it at 100E. After EoL, some years later I see it touch 250E. 


great in the dark with a motor. A little too much grey/white/Black to have it trigger the 'oooohs' and 'aaahhhs' from friends. 

Make your own color changes, and this should be a winner though.


My final score is a 9/10. I'm not the kind of Afol that will score sets high, just because I'm a LEGO nerd. I'm actually quickly sceptical. 

For example, I skip The Lego Movie sets - they are a lot of crazyness together with little synergy for Afols or MOC-ers. Another example is the Disney franchise: I think some parts are clunky, and the builts not always stable enough. 

So a 9/10 on the Mixer means I really believe in it. You have to construct it to understand why, because the box is a little dull. And that's also why I think the average final review number should be a little lower that the full 9. The eye is demanding, and TLG should use the sex appeal & colorfullness of all the new bricks to the maximum in future sets from the same fairground series.

That sums it up. Build it and see for yourselves !

I hope you've enjoyed the review. Leave feedback please!