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76014-1: Spider-Trike vs. Electro

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Review from: Lenjon
Reviewed on: Apr 30, 2014
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Some sets, especially those at lower price points, have features that can only truly be appreciated once they've been built and/or played with personally, while other sets may seem like a good buy but are sorely disappointing once constructed. And then we have sets like 76014: Spider-trike vs. Electro a set that looks dull and ugly on the box and is even worse when constructed. Now obviously The Lego Company is in a difficult position when it comes to Spider-man sets since a large component of many lego sets are the vehicles and there aren’t alot of vehicles that make sense for spider-man to use. But the in this case it would have been better to include just a lampost and newspaper box, like in 6865 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase, than the uninteresting trike. Aside from the two minifigures the rest of the set (what little there is) is wholly unimpressive but not without a few notable pieces. 


The bike fits Spider-man's colour scheme in that it's mostly red and blue. Aside from just generally looking bad it's uncertain if the "ejector seat" function (as described in the official description) doesn't work as well as Lego thought it would or if it works just as well as they thought and they didn't care either way.

Electro's “glider” (for lack of a more accurate/descriptive term) is much better than the trike even though it has less pieces and isn't the main feature of the set. It has two nice medium-blue 1X2 w/ knob tiles to match Electro.


There are a few interesting non-minifigure pieces in 76014: Spider-trike vs. Electro including the five of the hard to come by lightening bolts used on Electro’s glider.

two black Technic suspension beams


one black 2X4 plate with a bolt hole across the top and one light grey 2X4 plate with a bolt hole across the bottom that are used together to make a springboard


The two minifigures are the titular are very well detailed as expected for a lincesed theme (particularly the Super Heroes theme) and the main draw for purchasing the set.


Electro looks especially good even though his transparent light-blue head and arms aren't techincally accurate to his appearance in the show it's clear they were mean't to add affect to a character who isn't supposed to be solid matter but rather a form of energy. His head is printed with three small regular-blue lightening bolts across his forehead, all white eyes and a open-mouthed mocking expression. His medium-blue  torso has dark-blue printed muscles with white lightening bolts along the edges and down along his medium-blue legs to give the impression of superheated energy. His white hands are also white but look odd in his transparent blue arms.


 The only back printing is on his torso with some dark-blue details to show bone and muscle structure with white lightening bolts along his sides similar to the front.


Spider-man is in his usual Super Heroes printing which is kind of dissapointing since he has appeared in eight sets without any variation. Since the black symbiote-suit Spider-man was a Comic-con exclusive and will probably never be in a widely available set would it really be so difficult for Lego to release an Iron-Spider suit or even just add some rip/tears or something on Spidey to show battle damage. And while the printing is accurate it's looks a bit too bright.

Anyway... As always Spider-man's bright-red head has large white black-rimmed eyes over black webbing the latter of which is also printed on the back. His bright-blue torso is very intricately printed with some faded grey to depict muscles that are overlaid with a large red strip down the down the middle and across the waist and some black printed webs and a black spider in the middle. Unfortunately his legs have no printing.


His back torso is printed with a fat red spider in the center with red stripes overlaid with black webs across the top and bottom.


Even with its low price point 76014: Spider-trike vs. Electro has an inexcusably sparse playability factor. At least the motorcycle from 76004: Spider-man: Spider Cycle Chase could fly and was therefore a logical vehicle for a character that is limited to web-slinging. The spider-trike on the other hand is a flightless vehicle that would only serve to slow down Spider-man when in pursuit of a super-villain  with flight capabilities, such as Electro, and is a very poor choice of vehicle for this set. Electro’s glider is actually not too bad with its four lightening bolts but doesn’t help with the playability.

There really isn’t much to the build given that this set only has 70 pieces.




The Super Heroes theme has a good reputation for sets of all price ranges having good value for money. Unfortunately this doesn't hold true for 76014: Spider-Trike vs. Electro. Whereas even 6865: Captain America's Avenging Cycle, which only had two pieces more than 76014, had good playability the latter just feels like a rip off. Unless it was severely reduced or you part out and sell some of the pieces you don't plan on using I wouldn't recommend purchasing this set.

As a collector there is nothing besides Electro that makes this set worth getting (unless you don't already have a Spider-man minifigure). If you're looking to buy this set as an investor it would be advisible to part it out. If you're looking to buy this set and part it out in order to add to your personal collection you might have better luck just buying the pieces you need online. Even though this set is only a few months old the individual minifigures are worth enough to warrant purchasing and selling separately but they may also experience some fluctuation in value.


Minifigure  Last 6 Months Sales (Avg) Current Items for Sale (Avg)

CA $6.17

US $5.16

GBP 4.15

CA $6.30

US $6.79

GBP 4.46



US $7.70

GBP 6.00

CA $8.50

US $8.44

GBP 5.70

Now combining the averages of the sold listings (and substituting Electro's Canadian sold average with the for sales average) we get CA $14.67, US $12.86, GBP 10.14 with the totals coming up a little short of the MSRP of the set in its entirety.


Super Heroes is one of the most popular themes currently available and is no doubt aided by the recent and ongoing movies and cartoons. This set in particular is based on the Ultimate Spider-man series which, though I've never watched an episode, is apparently quite popular. Looking beyond that we can guess that thanks to Electro this set will likely be moderately popular once it reaches EOL.


This set is at the normal availability level.

PACKAGING | Score: 5

The box is a standard type for such a set showing some features on the back.


By taking a look at the Brickset ratings and Bricklink prices of this along with the other sets at the CA $15.99 price point in the Super Heroes theme (excluding 76010: Batman: The Penguin Face off) one can gain an understanding of how 76014: Spider-Trike vs. Electro may appreciate and also how it'll do among the other sets in its price bracket. Again it's important to note that since this set is only a few months old it still might not be available to everyone and therefore the secondary market price may be a bit inflated at the time of this review.

Set Number/Name Year of Release Pieces Brickset Rating Avg. Price (BL)
6865: Captain America's Avenging Cycle  2012 72   4.12/5 CA $23.70 
6858: Catwoman Catcycle City Chase  2012  89 4.11/5   CA $22.14
 76014: Spider-Trike vs. Electro  2014  70  3.30/5  CA $17.25
76008: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown  2013  91 3.08/5/5  CA $15.19
76002: Superman: Metropolis Showdown  2013 119  3.63/5  CA $12.62


In terms of display and visual appeal this set (aside from the figures) is pretty poor with the trike looking particularily bad next to the other Super Heroes vehicles. Even a really neat figure such as Electro can't save this set from the dullness of itself and there isn't really a whole lot to show.




76014: Spider-Trike vs. Electro does poorly as a small playset with some lame barely working play features and vehicles which don't go along well with the figures. Unfortunately as an investment it doesn't do very well even with the inclusion of the exclusive Electro minifigure and some pretty good above average pieces.