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76011-1: Batman: Man-Bat Attack

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Review from: Lenjon
Reviewed on: Apr 24, 2014
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After releasing most of the popular bat-vehicles, such as the bat-plane, bat-cycle and of course the bat-mobile, in the firt few waves of the DC Super Heroes subtheme there were only a few of Batman's obsessively bat-themed vehicles left to bring to lego form the most recent of which is the bat-copter, leaving only the bat-tank and the bat-boat to be released (one could argue that the vehicle in 76000: Arctic Batman vs. Mr Freeze : Aquaman on Ice is a bat-boat though it's really more like a ski-mobile on steriods). With only 184 pieces 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack is below the median for Piece Count in a Super Heroes set at this price point (CAD $24.99) but it more than makes up for that with a solid build and excellent figures. 




Nightwing's glider, which is really more like a jet-pack with wings, is an okay vehiclular addition to the DC subtheme. It's not a bad build but it's not very good either, if nothing else it provides a n adequate form of aerial transportation for Nightwing even with a lack of weapons, aside from the two grappling hooks. In tune with Nightwing's colour-scheme the glider is made with mostly red and black pieces (with some grey) and is even shaped like Nightwing's signature symbol.

The back is mostly designed to give a smooth aerodynamic look to the glider and unfortunately uses a sticker, one of two in this set, to add the Nightwing symbol.




Of course the bat-copter being the main focus of the set (aside from the minifigures) is much larger than Nightwing's glider and but is also a solid build that feels like it would withstand some rigourous play . The abundance of sloped pieces used on the bat-copter give it a sleek fierce, almost bullet-like, shape while still leaving room for Batman's sizable cowl, and the use of an antenna tower for the tail is quite clever. While it looks very much like a bat-vehicle with the primarily black and yellow colour scheme the bat-copter feels a bit under powered with just two flick-fires (of course) and a winch (shown below), which is all fine and good when dealing with a single figure (e.g. Man-bat) but won't be able to do much good against other vehicles.


All in all 76011: Batman: Man-Bat Attack is very much a "what you see is what you get" type set though not in a bad way. It looks like a good said and upon closer inspection remains a good set though it is one without any particularly interesting or surprising features.


The minifigures consisting of Man-bat, Batman and Nightwing are, as usual for a lincesed theme (particularly the Super Heroes theme), very well detailed and the  main draw for purchasing this set.  

First we have the titular Man-bat who is only figure in this set to be all-new since a blue Nightwing figure was featured in the 2006 set 7785 Arkham Asylum  under the Batman theme. The inclusion of Man-bat in a bit surprising, but not unwelcome, given that he's a relatively obscure character in fact there are quite a few more popular characters that lego could have used instead that wouldn't have required any new moulds such as Killer Croc (who at this point is the only figure from the original Batman theme to no be redone for the DC subtheme) Black Mask or Katana. An even better choice than those three would have been Deathstroke who in retrospect would have been great opposite Nightwing since the former is primarily the enemy of the Teen Titans, a team which latter used to be on when he went under the alias Robin, but I digress. Man-bat is quite well done utilizing brown versions of the new hair/ear and the winged minifigure arm pieces, introduced in the Monster Fighters theme. His head, like the two other figures in this set, is double sided one face depicting a fierce sort of smile and the other a fearful expression. His front torso printing depicts a muscular chest with some light-nougat coloured fur covering most of the upper middle and his back similarly shows his back muscles with some additional light-nougat fur around the back of the neck. His pants are standard blue which is fine though it would have been nice to have some printing showing tears in his pant-legs or something.




 Though Nightwing was released in 7785 Arkham Asylum this version of him is quite different. The biggest difference is red on black colour-scheme, which replaces the blue on black from 2006 and is used to show his special emblem which is also slightly different than the 2006 version which was a flatter V-shape and didn't go up in the middle. His messy black hair sits atop a double sided face which has one side grinning confidently with the other being an angry scowl, both are adorned with a black domino mask with red eye-slits. The front and back of his torso has the muscular printing that's common to the super heroes theme overlaid with the V-shaped Nightwing symbol and his legs a standard black.





Batman is in his standard DC subtheme printing (this time in black) with muscular armour overlaid with a yellow bat-emblem and utility belt which continues around to the back. His face has the usual Batman expressions (neutral and angry) and his legs are plain black but his cowl is the semi-new remodel introduced in 2013.



Aside from the figures there are only two notably interesting pieces.


The dark grey Flat Tile 2X2 Round W. Hole is used to provide a spin for the tail rotor.

and the red Angular Plate 1.5 Bot. 1X2 is used to attach Nightwing's feet to his glider.



For a set at the CAD $24.99 price point the playability factor for 76011: Batman: Man-Bat Attack is quite good. The bat-copter and Nightwing's glider are well paired against Man-bat who is one of the few Batman centric villians who can fly (though it would have been cool to get a minifigure version of Firefly) and the two heroes can use the vehicles to give aerial chase to the mutated villian.

The build experience isn't anything special which is fine given the price of the set. The glider uses a red 3X6 wedge plate to give it a basic wing shape along with two black trapezoidal flag pieces presumably used for steering. The bat-copter is well constructed and even though it doesn't have many features to add to the playability it's nice to finally get a new chopper for Batman.


Though the vehicles aren't all that interesting this set like most in the Super Heroes theme maintains a high value for money having great minifigures price value for this set is pretty good considering the below median piece count.


Listed below are the average prices from recorded sales of the last six months as well as the average for current listed items for each minifigure from Bricklink.com. Now because this set is just a few months old at the time of this review it may still be hard to find and therefore relatively exclusive in some regions, so are probably a bit inflated but they still give a good sense of the ideal selling price.


 Figure  Last 6 Months Sales (Avg)  Current Items for Sale (Avg)

 CA $4.00

 US $4.92

 GBP 4.50

 CA $4.18

 US $5.82

 GBP 4.91


 CA $ Unavailable

 US $7.72

 GBP 5.06

 CA $7.00

 US $8.56

 GBP 5.95


(Black Suit)

 CA $6.53

 US $7.26

 GBP 5.10

 CA $ Unavailable

 US $9.35

 GBP 6.93















Now combining the averages of the sold listings (and substituting Nightwing's Canadian sold average with the for sale average) we get CA $17.53, US $19.90, GBP 15.06 with the averages coming up a little short of the MSRP of the set in its entirety. So while not a superb return for your money if you plan on parting this set out you still get quite a bit back and of course it's always a good idea to look for a sale which would greatly boost the return here.


Super Heroes is one of the most popular themes currently available and is no doubt aided by the recent and ongoing movies and cartoons. The design of the characters in this set are, like all figures not appearing in any movies, based off their appearances in the DC New 52 comics.


This set is at the normal availability level.



PACKAGING | Score: 7

The box is a standard type for such a set showing some features on the back.




We can get a good understanding of the potential for the set as a whole (MISB) by taking a look at the Brickset ratings and Bricklink prices of other sets of the same price point in the Super Heroes theme. 


Set Number/Name Year of Release Pieces Brickset Rating  Avg. Price (BL) 
6866: Wolverine's Chopper Showdown 2012 199 4.46/5 CA $40.27
76000: Arctic Batman vs. Mr Freeze : Aquaman on Ice 2013 198 4.25/5 CA $22.38
76004: Spider-Man : Spider-Cycle Chase 2013 237 4.10/5 CA $21.43
6867: Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape 2012 181 4.06/5 CA $30.18
6862: Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 2012 207 3.96/5 CA $22.67
76006: Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle 2013 195 3.64/5 CA $23.18
76009: Superman: Black Zero Escape 2013 168 2.90 CA $20.25

 The sets sitting higher on the graph, along with being rated best, generally have more exclusive figures, with the two highest sets have all exclusive figures. Now even though 76011: Batman: Man-bat Attack only has two exclusive figures out of three one of those figures is of a very popular character (Nightwing) and the other is semi-popular (Man-bat) much like figures in 76004: Spider-man Spider-Cycle Chase of course refering to Venom and Nick Fury respectively. Therefore it's reasonable to assume that 76011: Batman: Man-bat Attack will perform similarily well.


In terms of display and visual appeal this set (aside from the figures) is pretty good with the bat-copter having a nice sleek look to it but the glider is a bit odd looking without a pilot. The completed model makes for a nice display piece especially alongside the other bat-vehicles.


Though the build is average with a few nice pieces it's the figures and theme popularity that really make this set stand out as a promising investment especially when considering the popularity of Nightwing among Batman fans.  Considering the Nightwing and Man-bat figures are likely to remain exclusive to this set for awhile (possibley permenantly) and Nightwing has a particularily good pontential for growth this set looks well set to become an investment winner once it reaches EOL.