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70801-1: Melting Room

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 7.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 9.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 8.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 7.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 7.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 5.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 7.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 7.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 4.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 6.00
Review from: comicblast
Reviewed on: Apr 24, 2014
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I first saw this set prior to seeing the movie, so I was slightly confused by the set, but not as much as a few of the other sets, as you might have noticed! This set reminds me a lot of a battle pack, priced right at the $12.99 mark, and with a few collectable minifigures. It isn't so much a battle pack because you get actual characters rather than generic soldiers, but has many of its traits. This set is great because you get some of the main characters, plus a Robo SWAT minifigure. 

My first impression of this set after seeing the movie was something along the lines of "Ohhhh....I get it now!". Most of the sets tend to "click" after seeing the LEGO Movie, and this is not different. This set is particularly easy to recognize because it takes place in the beginning of the movie and the scene has a lot of tension.

Overall, a 7/10. 

For your reference, the LEGO S@H Product Description:

Help Emmet to escape from the Melting Room!

Danger! Emmet has been captured by Lord Business’ Robo Police who’ve taken him to the Melting Room. A Robo SWAT has chained and cuffed Emmet to a tilting, rotating laser machine and is trying to zap the Piece of Resistance from his back using a huge adjustable laser. Help Wyldstyle to slip into the Melting Room undetected, smash through the chains with the axe and free Emmet. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Emmet, Wyldstyle and a Robo SWAT.

    • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Emmet, Wyldstyle and a Robo SWAT
    • Features hi-tech, tilting, rotating laser machine with control dashboard and adjustable laser
    • Weapons include a blaster and an axe
    • Also includes handcuffs
    • Laser-zap the Piece of Resistance from Emmet’s back
    • Watch The LEGO® Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
    • Measures over 3” (10cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide



There are only a few rare pieces, and the rarest is a brand new piece, which is a wheel with a Technic axle in the center. Though we've seen the  mold before, this is the first time we've seen this piece in clear. Here's a picture: 

The second rare piece is a 1x2 piece that looks like two corner pieces smashed together. This piece is actually pretty cool because a minifigure's legs fit right on it, and each foot gets one compartment. At this point, I can't think of any great uses, but it is a cool piece.


EMMET, the protagonist/hero of the LEGO Movie is naturally a fairly common minifigure in the LEGO Movie, in fact he appears in this exact version in 5 other LEGO Movie sets out of a total of 14 sets that have normal production runs. Obviously a very recognizable minifigure, and his minifigure is double-printed to include a confident smirk and a scared screaming expression on the other side. We also get the Piece of Resistance attached to Emmet via a back-plate, which allows you to build perpendicularly to the minifigure. 

WYLDSTYLE, the female protagonist and accomplice of Emmet is exclusive to this set, but only because of her hood, which we get a nice, long view of at the very beginning with Emmet's speechless dialogue with her. The hood is the only part that distinguishes her from other versions. Once again, obviously movie accurate, since the movie is just as much based on the LEGO figure as the figure is on the movie. This minifigure comes with printed legs.

ROBO SWAT, is one of the many minions of Lord Business, but this particular varient is unique to this set. Lord Business' minions could be compared to Clone Troopers in Star Wars, with different "specialists". In the LEGO Movie, we see different kinds including: Deputron, Executron, Radio DJ Robot, Robo Skeleton, Sheriff Not-A-Robot, and 5 seperate versions of Robo Swat, who could be seen as specialists. 

Overall, very nice minifigures for the price, and a surprising amount of new/seldom used pieces, so 9/10. :D


I haven't personally built this set, but it looks like a 3-4 minute build for an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO), and a few minutes longer for a child or amateur builder. By no means a difficult build, though there seem to be some more complex pieces in the construction of the chair that Emmet stands in, it is overall pretty easy. 

I can see this being a very popular set after retirement, assuming the LEGO Movie stays popular in the future. Definitely not as rare or in-demand as some of the other LEGO Movie sets that are more expensive, but I could see this being a $20 set 2 years after retirement, assuming we don't get a remake, which I personally think is unlikely.


This set has a decent Price Per Brick, at $0.11, which is slightly below normal for a "licensed" set, but this set being licensed by LEGO itself, it naturally doesn't have to cost more. Here's a comparison of the Price Per Brick with other LEGO Movie sets:

Set Name and Number MSRP (USD) Price Per Brick
70800-1: Getaway Glider $12.99   $0.12
70801-1: Melting Room $12.99  $0.11 
70803-1: Cloud Cuckoo Palace $19.99   $0.10
70806-1: Castle Cavalry $29.99  $0.07 
70811-1: The Flying Flusher $29.99  $0.09 
70802-1: Bad Cop's Pursuit $29.99  $0.10 
70804-1: Ice Cream Machine $29.99  $0.09 
70805-1: Trash Chomper $29.99  $0.08 
70807-1: MetalBeard's Duel $34.99  $0.08 
70812-1: Creative Ambush $39.99  $0.08 
70808-1: Super Cycle Chase $49.99  $0.10 
 70809-1: Lord Business' Evil Lair $69.99  $0.09 
 70813-1: Rescue Reinforcements $69.99  $0.08 
 70810-1: MetalBeard's Sea Cow $249.99  $0.09 

 When compared with other LEGO Movie sets, this set actually has the second highest Price Per Brick ratio in the theme, but for smaller sets, this is to be expected. This set isn't a great "parter-outer" set, because the minifigures don't go for very much on eBay, and the rest of the build doesn't have much of an appeal. Therefore, Overall this set gets a 7/10. 


At this point, I think the LEGO Movie theme is popular because the movie has just recently come out, and the DVD and other merchandise are still being released. In the future though, I think the popularity will significantly decrease, probably until the next movie comes out. I can't imagine this movie being as popular in the long term as other LEGO themes including Friends, Ninjago, and even Legends of Chima.

9/10 in current popularity, and 5/10 in future popularity, so overall, a 7/10 in Theme Popularity.


This set has a normal production rate, and isn't exclusive to any store. To my knowledge, the set isn't restricted to any country, and/or store. So far, the set seems to be on a normal production cycle and will probably retire in a year and a half, so nothing special there, and fairly normal. Therefore, this set get s a 5/10.

PACKAGING | Score: 7


This is a pretty small set, and the set is about as big as one of the older battle packs, but slightly thicker. Its exact dimensions are 15.7 cm x 14.1 cm x 6.1 cm. As seem above, this is a pretty cool looking box, with a fairly nice background and a sort of secret agent feel to the box. Other than that, there isn't anything unique about this box, so I give the packaging a 7/10.


As stated before, I don't think this set will do as well as other LEGO Movie sets in the future, and probably will get to $20 in 2 years, which is really only a 53.89% ROI over that period of time, and there are many other sets in the theme that could offer more in terms of investment. One of the smaller sets I think is similar in price and has better investment potential is the 70803-1: Cloud Cuckoo Palace, because it is more popular, and more unique. Bad Cop's Pursuit will also probably do really well after retirement, if you are looking at other LEGO Movie sets.

Overall, a 7/10 in terms of investment.


A pretty good display set, though it isn't terribly large. It would work well as a small shelf or office desk display, but on the larger scale, I'd look to other sets that offer more in terms of space and size. I'd probably choose most other LEGO Movie sets over this one to display, primarily because of the lack of size in this build. Overall, a 4/10 in terms of display.


Overall, a sub-par set in many aspects of the set, including display and investment, but it does meet expectations in terms of pieces and their rarity. In my opinion, this set receives a 6/10 overall.