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21103-1: The DeLorean Time Machine

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 8.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 9.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 8.00
Review from: kandj999
Reviewed on: Mar 30, 2014
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First Impressions: Interesting......

It is a CUUSOO project, a popular movie theme and iconic piece. It looks okay and I must admit it could be made to look even better. I had an urge to consider buying it at first glance but dropped it due to its price (explained later in the review). I believe it will be an "iconic" LEGO set providing:

  • This will be the one and only one BTTF related lego (knowing a UCS version of this car and the BTTF is currently under CUUSOO review)
  • It retires in the next 12 months (i.e. supply is limited)
  • The CUUSOO brand maintains its reputation and status and the high quality line in LEGO


This set has 2 minifigures (Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown and Marty McFly) with double sided face paints. As far as I am aware these are exclusive minifigures and they potraited the characters in the movie well.

As for rare parts, the build is made up of fairly standard blocks but 4 unique, printed bricks stood out in this set, namely

  • Flux capacitor
  • OUTATIME licence plate
  • 2015 licence plate
  • Time machine time setting screen

For die-hard BTTF fans, the minifigures and these printed bricks makes it very desirable to have. But if you are only a normal LEGO fan, they ain't bad pieces to have.

One thing people easily ignore is the transparent pieces provided this set to elevate the car (in the BTTF II model) when shown as a display set. This is a well thought out design by lego and these transparent bricks could be used on other display sets.


I cannot comment on the building process as I haven't built it yet but I believe it shouldn't disappoint.

As for playablity I can see there's a lot of things positive about this set. Three variation models, fold opening doors, licence plate changes, flipping wheels......A guy's version to a barbie is the best anaology I would use to summarise the playability of the set.

It stated a 10+ age group and I believe a 8+ would have been more appropriate. But we all know what age group this set was targeted for...... 20 or even 30 +


If you bought it in the US, then I guess this is a reasonable set, with a PPP of 0.087 (401 pieces at 34.99). However I must critise the pricing mistake LEGO made in Australia (where I am from), setting it at AUD 69.99. This is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and LEGO eventually took notice of it and brought down the RRP to AUD 59.99.

In terms of "parting out" this set offers a flexible option, that is you can part out certain blocks and still retain the original model's integrity. For instance if you sold Marty, Doc and the OUTATIME licence plate, the remaining set still makes a perfect display set. Thus this is a positive and the part out parts should bring profits to the owner.


CUUSOO plus BTTF, a pretty good and attractive combination in terms of theme. There are other BTTF CUUSOO projects in the pipeline under review and although  I personally think this will be the one and only one BTTF themed LEGO (which is not a bad thing), successive BTTF releases will spur positive growth the both primary and secondary LEGO markets.

One thing to watch though (and I mentioned earlier as well) - the popularity of the CUUSOO brand, its ability to maintain the reputation and status of being the high quality line in LEGO, remains to be seen.


This is the only BTTF set on the market - good.

Judging from the discounting I am seeing I do not believe it is limited in production - not so good.

The Delorean was launched in a Comic Con in July 2013 but basically you can buy it anyway - not so good.

A side note: The Delorean is not available at Myer, DJ, Target, BigW, Kmart and TRU (it used to) in Australia - good.

PACKAGING | Score: 8

This set comes in a compact yet well designed box. Dark color - fancy!

The instruction manual uses thickened, high quality paper, with pictures and captions of the BTTF.

Sadly the polybags aren't numbered which didn't encourage the building experience.....boo

But overall in terms of packaging this set is definitely well above most LEGO sets.


The theme, the movie and AFOL fan base for the movie makes this set with good potential. If the design was further refined to make it more attractive I might have given this set a 9 (or even 10) out of 10. It will take a while for the appreciation process to kick in (I am guesing end of 2014 earliest) and the CARG will be above average, hopefully around 15 - 20%?


I personally think this set displays extremely well, given its small size and distinct outlook feature. I am sure a lot of you will disagree with criticisms on its attention to detail and hood asthetics etc. All I would say is... Give this set a break! The original designers and CUUSOO have done their best to optimised the design. With this compromise comes potential drop in growth value and appealing-ness.

If you compare this set with others in the $ 25-70 LEGO range, I cannot name too many others as unique as it is, in terms of model, theme and movie.

The delorean will be on my lego display collection set for sure!


A solid 8 out of 10.

Yes this set has its flaws but if you are a CUUSOO or a CUUSOO fan, it is a neat and affordable little package to add to your collection.

This delorean is more inclined towards a long term collector item more than a short term flipping tool. Only time will tell if LEGO made the right choice by accepting this CUUSOO project and mass producing it in the first place. It is also a great tool for you (as a parent) to show your children what movies were hits when you were their age.